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Tarot - On the Cards

To make it easy this week are given single words that get results - they are like turning on a switch to throw light on aspects of life. Use them as much as possible and chant them as many times as possible till you feel a shift in your perception and reality.

Tarot - On the Cards
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The Week Ahead August 29- September 5 

TOGETHER- To feel as one, to bring whatever you want 

ADD- To increase 

ATTENTION- To avoid careless mistakes 

BE- To have good health 

BLUFF- To reduce anxiety 

CARE- To remember, to retain 

CHANGE- To get rid of pain in any part of the body 

COUNT- To make money 

CROWD- To get children to follow 

DIVINE- To work miracles 

DONE- To meet deadlines 

GIVE- To sell and be generous 

HO- To relax 

LEARN- For instant youthful attitude 

LISTEN- To predict the future 

OFF- To get sleep, bad habit, the quit switch 

REVERSE- To bury a grudge 

SAVE- To stop drinking 

SPEND- To dress well, to improve appearance 

STRETCH- To sustain a good feeling or a situation 

SWEET- To be a calming influence 

TINY- To be kind polite and considerate 

UP- Confidence 

WATCH- To learn a skill 


Looks like the week ahead is very productive in terms of your ideas and your work which will be sharp, clear and focused. You cannot ask for more when it comes to realizing your goals work-wise. You might have started out feeling unburdened and carefree but as you go along you are going to realize that there is much to do and you will have to motivate yourself to get them all done. The Fool card is the one that indicates a certain laid-back attitude as well as a desire to be adventurous and bondage-free- however this card also cautions you to think before you act. The Ace of Wands as well as the ace of swords are big indicators of the quest you will be on for work and for ideas taking off. Once that happens the clarity will emerge and you will be in a great place.


When the Sun card comes it means that there is the promise of happiness, fulfillment and making money. It also shows that you will find what makes you truly happy and you don’t really have to worry about the future. You should seize the moment and go out for all that you want. The card also speaks of untapped talents and you can turn your interests into a career and push open preciously closed doors. This also indicates that children will do well and make you proud so basically, there is the golden sheen of well-being and happiness that has been long overdue that will be there now. The Two of Cups shows relationships being forged- either new ones or the existing ones to take on a stronger and deeper commitment.


The Six of Swords shows life with a partner for shared goals, calmer more prosperous happier times and the period of unrest that you could have been experiencing is likely to end soon. The card also indicates travel perhaps sooner than you think a journey that will bring you a lot of happiness and peace of mind. The card also indicates (if a male) that your partner, the spouse could be feeling neglected and only wants to continue in this relationship because there is nowhere else she can or wants to be and this togetherness for her is for life. So the frustration and a bit of anger could be there and it would be a far more harmonious environment if you can address this aspect of your life. 


The Page of Wands signifies the emergence of a new creative dream and being unwilling to commit to a particular path but dashing from one to an ever more exciting opportunity. It also shows the presence of young, enterprising people in your life who will make things happen and work with tremendous energy and enthusiasm. This also shows that you have plenty of them who are clear-headed when pursuing goals – theirs as well as yours – and are a good value add to whatever you do. However, they are subject to tempers and moods so deal with them accordingly. The Eight of Pentacles indicates that you will make your own fortune with your efforts and hard work.


The changes have been creeping in on you for a while now and they now come forcefully and inevitably. These changes are transformative and will pave the way to a new kind of life where some of your old ideas and ways of doing things will have to be replaced with fresher and newer means of getting to where you want to be. This could also mean changes in relationships and associations that do not serve your purpose. The Tower is a card that tells you all this and more. The Page of Pentacles is representative of those who is energetic, supportive and full of new ideas and thoughts that will automatically influence all that you do.


Much as you wish to be carefree and go around the world leaving behind the heaviness and burdens the time is not right for it. Simply because there are too many things for you to attend to and that itself will stop you from the adventures you wish to experience. The Fool card is one of joyful abandon and creativity but usually, this is laced with caution because leaping before you look is also not something desirable, and nor is being unconscious of choices is wise. So hold on for a little while longer when doors will open and you can move around with a little more abandon than now. The Queen of Swords shows you as a resilient strong person who is somehow able to deal with the blows and bouquets that come your way.


It’s a good set of cards Librans have drawn for this week- the Empress, Nine of Pentacles and the Ace of Cups. All three synergise to produce a good week filled with nurturing money and emotional balance. The Empress shows that you are on top when it comes to either work or your standing in the world at large. No one will trifle with you or your work and you have a leading position. The Empress also signifies togetherness and bringing disparate elements together into a wholesome situation that brings cheer to many. The Empress is also a leader and a wise one without whose inputs a lot will be the lesser off than before.


When the Judgement card appears it is a time for introspection and rethinking of your priorities. It also centres on making your own assessment of a person or situation if conflicting opinions or judgmental people are causing you to doubt yourself. Sometimes this happens when they have a vested interest in keeping you in control. It can also appear when a course of action has not worked out and you need to start again to a new way or setting. Resolve what can be fixed and let the rest go. Also do not fall for those who play favourites and take credit for what you do. Take yourself out of the power game to understand your own true worth. The Eight of Wands shows multiple streams of work and talent and you need to fix one or two to be able to do justice to them.


The Ten of Sword shows you to be feeling very frustrated, pinned down and generally not in great spirits. It also shows some endings which will eventually lead to new beginnings when a relationship or a career path is going nowhere. You will need to be strong and not overthink things as well as allow yourself to be emotionally manipulated or be bullied or stay in a no-hope situation out of misplaced loyalty or guilt. This is just to let you know that however things seem to you there is light at the end of the tunnel. The High Priestess is someone who is a guide a leading light and the energy that supports education, knowledge and the wisdom ensuing out of it all.


It is a time for letting go — of all fears and restrictions that keep you from surrendering yourself wholeheartedly to life. So let go of destructive relationships, draining careers, and emotional vampires especially when you feel you cannot survive without them or are responsible for their well-being. If you are struggling to quit certain habits, then do this one step at a time till you are free of them. Also do not sacrifice yourself for an unworthy cause or keep giving unreliable or worthless situations chance after chance. This is also a sign to look for solutions for issues that are out of the box. As a person, the King of Swords is a champion of justice and he cannot be swayed by fear or favour.


The Wheel of Fortune comes usually when there has been a run of bad luck or opportunities that have not materialized and heralds upturn fortunes especially when it comes to finances. It is a time for regeneration and many things will come to a better situation that makes you believe that life is after all good. There will be lucky breaks and reversals that will shape your future destiny. Do not wait for a perfect time to do things because now is all you have so make the best use of the present. The Four of Wands shows a happy family environment build on trust and shared goals and beliefs. There is good work being done by all members of the family.


The Temperance card is one of balance, harmony both within and around you. Health-wise it shows return to good health or continuation of a reasonable situation that works well for all around you. This is also a card that tells you to accept what cannot be changed or controlled and allow old resentments if any to go. This card also comes when you are ready to deal with tricky or sensitive situations and to communicate to difficult people about things others may want to do. It also shows that you will need to keep all emotional issues in control and practice the pause before you react to anything.

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