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Tarot- On the Cards

Here are some numbers and switchwords for many purposes. They have to be chanted or written as many times as possible or till the results have been achieved.

Tarot- On the Cards
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Under no circumstance are they a substitute for proper medical attention should that be the case or there be inaction of any sort while trying to sort things out. Do them like a prayer and with positive feelings and you will be sure to get results. Sometimes help or solutions will come disguised as events and occurrences which will lead to what you are wanting or asking. Try them!

Since many are now travelling, here are some numbers for safe travel:

24 73 726: For flights to be smooth and on time while travelling

19,837,198: Aircraft flight safety



House safety when you are travelling: WATCHMAN-LAMINATE-MASK-GUARD-UP.

Safe journey for any mode of transport: Umbrella-GUARD-UP-COZY-WHEELS-ON-BE.

Safe journey in general: IMMUNITY-ON-Wheels-ENVELOPE-MASK-BE.

Prevent travel sickness: SHANTI-SWIVEL-COZY-HO-ADJUST-BE.

For trip to be successful, enjoyable:- JOY-FULL-DivineORDER-Ensure-SOPHISTICATE.

9,187,758,981,818: Protection of whole body Grigori Grabovoi

8888: Protection

To increase tolerance level and not get angry or upset: EMERALD-SHANTI-Peppermint-OPEN-HO-CLEAR-PURR-BE.

For truth to come out: REVEAL-SATYA-UNMASK-Chestnut Bud-HIGH-LIGHT.

For fast healing: FLASH-BUZZ-CONSIDER-Rock-AMBROSIA-Blue Bonnet-MIRTH.

FOR pain and speedy recovery: BUZZ-PARADISE-Curry-CHANGE-ADJUST-ICE CUBE.


To look extremely young, beautiful: TAP-CRISP-ANCHOR-Rock-ON-LEARN-LAUGH-BOY-CURVE-PRAISE.





The focus this week is on work therefore ambitions and money therefore earnings that are worthy of the work you do. The Page of Wands shows that you are youthful in the way you think and strategise about how you do things work-wise and this is good because this is also suitable for the times we live in. The passion is there, the ideas are good and the mindset helps to take things in the right direction. It also shows how the younger lot will provide you with inputs to do things in the manner that is fit now. Also remember things are in the budding stage and it will flower and grow as you go along. The Eight of Pentacles will see you work hard. You also realise that things are not likely to come easy but will have to put in your 100 per cent to get rewards.


Very clearly you are not in a very good space work-wise and are at odds with the multiple interests you actually have. You fight the passion, the ambitions and the goal settings that are required to see yourself in the position you actually do want. But maybe you are not interested in working too hard for it- but there is a way because you are the kind who can work smart and still do supremely well. All you have to do is to pick the one the most resonates with you at this time and go after it. There is no way you will not make a huge mark. However, the Eight of Cups sees you in an emotionally low state where you don’t wish to join the hurly-burly of life. This is a paradox because you feel this way thinking that success is elusive.


Whatever has not gone right till now is poised to be righted and you will find that whatever is just will happen to you- whether it is money or anything that has been denied to you. Everything comes a full circle and if things have been down then now is the time they will become the right thing for you. The Justice card shows that karma is served at the right time and what you have given will return to you. If there has been understanding, kindness, compassion then that is what will come back in the form of many things that also covers material success. The Magician confirms this by saying that everything you wish for is within your reach, but you will need to understand your strength and put it to good use. 


The Wheel of Fortune appears to show that good times are ahead for most of you born under this sign. What was down and out till now is on the upswing and you can look ahead to many things improving by leaps and bounds. The indication is that everything you have envisioned for yourself is now within reach and it is up to you to make the most of the opportunities that will flood you. Also do not get caught with the shiny glittery things because not all that shines are gold. The Five of Pentacles indicates that there is a scarcity of spirit and lack even when there is so much around you. This mindset will push away the good thing if you continually think that this is not there.


It is in a way a time for reckoning, learning and educating yourself about life and the balances that you will make within your environment. And you will be supported by the higher forces that will guide you in mystical ways to be able to walk the path you are meant to. The Hierophant is the guide and also the assurance that you are taken care of so trust the process and go with the flow. Any challenges and things not to your liking are means for you to grow and play your part in this cosmic drama. The Lovers shows a harmonious relationship between you and your spouse, you and your children, and you will find that this brings a tranquil time despite the little bumps.


It has been a battle of sorts and you have really seen some tough times which you have handled with the spirit of a soldier. The Five of Swords shows that even now you are in the mode and you will do whatever it takes to overcome, vanquish and demolish anything that interferes with your life and the way of living. You will be successful, and you will also become to be known as one aggressive person but don’t let that bother you because tough circumstances need a tough stance. This will probably spill over to many aspects of your life and you could also sometimes come across as harsh and unsympathetic. It is required to go with it. The Nine of Wands shows a lot of passion for the work you do.


You are tough, strong and possess leadership qualities much like a person who is clear in the mind and very sure of what he or she wants out of life. There is no ambiguity here as you go behind what you desire and ensure that you get it too. The Queen of Swords exemplifies all these aspects of your personality and it also comes to show that you are someone many look up to and turn to when they need guidance and direction. It also shows you as a person with leadership qualities and someone extremely reliable. So continue to conquer the world! The Seven of Pentacles shows you resting a bit on your laurels.


You could be facing some tricky situations at this time- how do you deal with them? By looking at them differently and with a different perspective. This is important when faced with challenges that you will need to think out of the box. So change the mindset and see what a situation is trying to tell you. Are they something within you that needs a resolution? Is it something that you need to look within to understand what it is showing you like a mirror? The Hanged Man comes when you are puzzled and flummoxed when confronting something or someone not to your understanding. The King of Swords tells you to be clear in your mind, be like a leader and be strong to deal with things. The clarity is important because that will pave the way to solutions and acceptance of people, situations.


Right now, the focus in your life is a female force who is strong, nurturing and an important participant in your life. The Empress is someone who will steer the course of things and also be a force to reckon with. This presence or if you are like that will be the dominant aspect for the week ahead. Be prepared to be led and guided by this all-important person who is the glue who keeps things together. acknowledge this and going along would be the best way forward. The Four of Cups shows that you could be looking for something and you will disregard what is being offered or present right before your nose. You could be waiting for something elusive and not consider options that seem simple and easy.


You are in the frame of mind where you would like to take your troubling thoughts and run away from the crowd. But that is not to be because it would be interpreted as you being an escape artist and it won’t augur well for you. If there are tough times it is always better to stay and face the challenges rather than running away. The Seven of Swords shows the multitude of thoughts that determine your mood and actions. You could also be perceived as someone who runs away at the first instance of distress or trouble. Stay and see how best you can support those around you – a lot of them could also be depending on you. The Queen of Cups is an extension of what you must be feeling.


You find yourself tied up in knots about what needs to be done and in what time frame. The Eight of Swords brings forward the feeling of being tied up and not knowing how to get out of some bondage you feel you are in. You feel stuck and in limbo but it would also seem that you are feeling all this because of your own sense of limitations. Solutions are there and you will have to open your eyes and look at them to realize that you are not really optionless. So break out of this. The Three of Swords comes to tell you that clarity of purpose can be achieved if you think with your head rather than with your heart because at this time that is what will take you forward.


The Devil card shows that you are bound in relationships that could feel a bit claustrophobic but these are important ones that also need to be nurtured. The line between feeling hemmed in and being looked after is sometimes thin and you need to make the distinction between the pros and the cons and decide that if a commitment has been made then sticking to it will bring in good results in the long run. The card also shows that something big needs to change and that you could be too focused on the material things in life. Do ask yourself how you could break free from the bonds that are holding you back?

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