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Tarot - On the cards

This week there are some useful numbers that can be utilized for the benefit of those who wish to improve on their conditions and circumstances. These are random ones – but very effective if done with faith and trust – and address some parts of life. they can be chanted, written or memorised to be used as and when there is a need. The more they are chanted the better the results.

Tarot - On the cards
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77,365,846,578: Think positively.

77,466,836,585: Positive outlook and desire development.

3,351,928,952,957: Clear Thinking 16,436,836,385: For any pain in the body 9,386,768,736,687,846: For headaches.

900308577: For nausea

78,466,882,378: To eliminate the sick feeling

38 89 332: For lowering fever

8295487: For a favourable outcome

68,834,668,326: To improve vision

514,248,538: For sleep disorders

97,386,889,468: To eliminate sleeping problems

849086362: To be a money magnet

27710315: For a healthy body

66743475: To get a good job

9,187,758,981,818: Protection of the whole body

These relate to the chakras in the body and can be used to energise them.

First Chakra or Root 13 23 251: To optimize and balance the energy of the base or root; chakra (red) Second Chakra or Navel 54 28 131: To optimize and balance the energy of the second or sacral chakra (orange) Third Chakra or Solar Plexus 80 03 011: To optimize and balance the energy of the third or solar plexus; chakra (yellow) Fourth Chakra or Heart 54 56 821: To optimize and balance the energy of the fourth or heart; chakra (green) Fifth Chakra or Throat 77 74 089: To optimize and balance the energy of the fifth or throat; chakra (blue) Sixth Chakra or Pituitary 82 88 133: To optimize and balance the energy of the sixth or third eye; chakra (indigo) Seventh Chakra or Crown 10 01 688: To optimize and balance the energy of the seventh or crown; chakra (white) Aries:


According to the card, Judgement, there is always a second chance – in case you have goofed up things then this is the message. Reviewing the past, deciding if it is worth reconsidering a decision or a situation this is the time to do it. You could already be in the process of judging yourself too thinking about past actions and relationships. If there are second thoughts about a property, then you need to examine that closely to see if the time is right or not for this commitment. There could also be a relationship from the past that you are thinking about. Longstanding disputes and deadlocks go away freeing up cash flow and bring career opportunities. The Six of Swords indicates a move away from trouble into peaceful waters, mentally or physically and there is order and harmony restored.


20 APRIL – 21 MAY

There is happiness, protection and joy coming up for most Taureans and can enjoy vitality and success too. This is a rather carefree time when old worries will disappear and there will be good health and renewed energy about you. Children and friends will gather in your house bringing warmth and fun into your life and there is the entry of a new person in your life if single. When it comes to career and money it is the time to enjoy success and status and any proposal you present especially when it comes to work will be applauded. Even if there are seeming delays don’t feel disheartened because everything will get right back on track. The Tower card suggests that there will also be a breakdown and a breakthrough. There could be sudden endings telling you that what you cannot control let go.


21 MAY – 21 JUNE

The Eight of Pentacles suggests that you have worked hard to gain valuable experience and qualifications and all that attention to detail has paid off. It could also feel that work is not rewarding enough and it is time to shift your focus elsewhere where you will be more appreciated. The card also suggests that the preoccupation now is about work and making money earnestly. All your attention would be on that aspect and sometimes you will find you don’t have time to even take a breather. However, the Ace of Swords indicates victory or a decision in your favour clearing the path to success. The card also reveals intelligence and strategic thinking and a clarity of purpose and direction.


21 JUNE – 23 JULY

You could be facing restrictions, blocks to your plans and an inability to see situations clearly and this could often be the result of overthinking. You have restricted yourself and your self-limiting points of view and beliefs seem to have tied you up in knots not realising that this is nothing from outside but what you are doing to yourself. So gather your strengths, thoughts and give yourself some options and you will find that when you do this you will be setting yourself free. Don’t let adversity bother you because this is something of your own making and you can cross it too. The Three of Swords suggests loss, grief, betrayal. There are three people in a bind, and this could lead to conflict and hostility.



According to The Hierophant, what is above is what is below. And this card stands for unity and scholarship. In your everyday life, he shows you how to commit to your goals so that they become a reality. You take action rather than a daydream. He is also a symbol of education asking you to know yourself more deeply and to be open to new wisdom. A diplomatic approach will advance your career in a big way and being generous helps money flow back to you. On the other hand, there could be perfectionism, self-criticism, and some chaos in your immediate circle and at home. If possible, step back and redefine what you alone want regardless of the others. The Death card says let it all go.



The Six of Pentacles shows that you are all about gifts and generosity at this point in time. You are kind to others and they look to you for support especially when it comes to money. You are also right now in a position to see the positive side of life. Avoid money secrets and dealing with debt. Because while you are generous money that you give out will not find its way to you any time soon. So give but give with caution. The Empress tells you that life is abundant and enjoy this productive time where you have the creativity and energy to develop and work well on projects, decorate your home and do things that beautify your spaces. Money will flow and the empress assures that you will be on top of things.



This week will bring to you many invites and opportunities – and you will show a lot of energy and initiative to get things going in a good way. You could also be interacting with someone who is chatty, creative but checks out the facts that this person will present you with. There is a delay in travel plans new projects and work opportunities. Do not allow people to give you a negative version of what you can do and cannot do. It is really up to you and if you set your mind to it you will achieve your goals. With the appearance of the Four of Cups there is a danger of disillusion and boredom but don’t let that come in the way of what you can truly achieve.



There are contests and competition, but they will be more of opinions rather than conflict – the Five of Wands suggests that you could be at odds with yourself and those around you. You strike a strident note when it comes to voicing your opinions and attitudes when it comes to work and ideas pertaining to projects and collaborations. Also at this time, children could test your boundaries. You will however need to reign in your ego and ensure that you reach a fair compromise in situations of conflict and differing interests. The Justice card assures that decisions will go in your favor. This card heralds the end of a legal matter or pending issues that will be resolved.



It is the time for fun and celebrations- the Three of Cups shows you will be bonding with family and friends majorly and there could be many gatherings that will bring cheer and high energy to your relationships at this time. However, beware of the third angle to your relationships and look out for this intrusion that could cause trouble for you and your committed partner. There could be disagreements on this note. So do watch out. The Wheel of Fortune tells you that there is a change which is for the better and blocks to progress will dissolve quickly as events move on so be open to whatever positive change comes about. Look to the future and not look back. There will be unexpected developments in your household where people will come and go. Allow destiny to work out and don’t try to make relationships work in a forced manner. The Nine of Cups shows that most things in your life are in order and you are feeling good about all of that. This card also tells you that your dream will come true.



You will get understanding, support and mentorship from someone who is very emotionally strong, creative and like a family head. The king of cups comes as someone who could be the romantic partner and protector and will be the person who will constantly look out for you. And if this person is not there then this could be you who is doing all this and being the strong anchor for those close to you. However, on the flip side, you could be suppressing emotions, have control issues and also some creative blocks. A domineering and stubborn streak will put back all the good work you do to curb these tendencies. If you do this then there will be an equal meeting of the hearts and minds. This is what the Two of Cups is showing. If single you are likely to meet the one soon. However, avoid making important decisions just now as you are on an emotional roller coaster now. The Nine of Wands suggests that you have several interests and ideas, but you will need to decide where to expend your energy and resources.



A lot of things in your life are still in transition and in the waiting stage- projects and relationships go on hold but you need to hold on and be assured that they will all fructify in good time. You have a hard time accepting the unwanted delays in plans that you have made and this can create distance between people and you could be feeling isolated because of this. Don’t worry this too shall pass. The Seven of Cups brings with it excitement and confusion together. You feel everything is so much within touching distance, but they don’t seem to be falling into place. And you don’t know which path to take on. However, just wait till you get all the information that will take you to the right place.



For many of you, there will be many small challenges and possibly legal issues. The Page of Swords shows that there could be someone who is striking but difficult to deal with. It also means that this person is sharp and witty and could cause some ruffled feelings around others. However, this card also alludes to the younger lot who will do things with enthusiasm and high energy. There is clarity in thinking which you will end up admiring. The Star card says you are guided and inspired, and you will get guidance hope and inspiration. This is also a time to nurture your talents and express your feelings boldly. You are like a star where the limelight will be on you for all the right reasons. You are on the right path so forge ahead with confidence. Focus on building your own home and declutter as much as possible. You will also be acknowledged for your work and so the rewards and money will also flow into your life. The only thing that could hold you back is procrastination and indecision. Do not feel powerless at any point because if you remove these two elements then nothing can stop you.

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