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Tarot - On the cards

This week there are some of the simple but effective switchwords that can change things and manifest desires like no other.

Tarot - On the cards
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The Fool card is the ultimate new beginning card that says anything is possible. It also represents inner change usually as a response to an unexpected opportunity or a desire to find or rediscover your own identity. Trust your intuition and take that leap but whatever you do take a look down as you do. The drawback of this card is that there is a tendency to act impulsively and with a degree of immaturity. So guard against that. The Death card is significant in that there is change indicated and it also means that there is a door you need to close on a situation or relationship that is holding you back from finding happiness. It will be painful this loss but in the long run, it will free you. If you don’t close this door then new beginnings are not possible.


20 APRIL – 21 MAY

For many Taureans, it is a time when you are undecided about how to move ahead. The Two of Swords is indicative of being stuck between two options or people and feeling unable to decide between them or move. Fear within can be an obstacle. This is also a situation when you are presented with two options and you can’t seem to decide what to do. Here is where you need to look for the third option so that you can take the next step. The card also refers to financial problems which are not likely to go away but can be sorted out by asking for help or suggestions. The Ten of Cups shows a happy family situation which makes you expansive and comfortable. Follow your heart on most things and promises happiness through children.


21 MAY – 21 JUNE

The Chariot is a card that indicates actions leading to change and excitement. Whatever your age or stage of life this is a card of triumph and going forward- whether it is moving house travelling or making a major or minor life shift in career and lifestyle or maybe even planning an adventurous holiday by your standards. The key here is about who is steering the chariot? And that will determine the direction and for true happiness, this must be you. How much ever you would like to please others. Also, try to clear the clutter in your life and room. The Six of Wands shows you riding on success and victory in maybe 6 weeks to 6 months and this can apply to children and youngsters too.


21 JUNE – 23 JULY

Let’s just say that this week ahead is all about youngsters in your life. As business people, family and friends. Their energy ideas and work will inspire and make you push the boundaries in what you do. The Knight of Pentacles signifies represents a sound plan for a money-spinning venture and perseverance with slow-moving affairs and difficult people. The challenging aspect is an unwillingness to express differing opinions or to take risks on money and love. The Knight of Wands suggests that as a person you have the tendency to be charismatic but keep constantly changing course for new and more exciting quests.



The Five of Wands shows that this is a time when you need to fight for what you want, whether it is a promotion success or with people who surround you. It could also be for your identity which is what makes it so difficult. Also, because this is being eroded by the demands of others and this also indicates that you will or already doing brilliantly in the field of communication and the media. You are fully capable of going it alone. The Hierophant is the source of wisdom, spiritual and traditional knowledge and you are also guided and guarded by the being you consider your higher power. If you are considering more learning, then this is the time for that.



The Judgement card shows it is a time to be in deep gratitude for things that are there in your life. Then it also shows that this card comes when you have to make an assessment of a person or situation if conflicting opinions or judgmental people are causing you to doubt yourself. Usually, because they have a vested interest in keeping control of things. This card can also appear when a course of action and you would need to start again in a new setting or new way of doing things. Resolve what can be fixed and let the rest go. The Devil card talks about the stored accumulated power you have right now you are not using. Or it speaks to resentments that you have and not expressed building up inside.



The Ten of Pentacles is the card of long-term happiness security and family joy. Whatever money or family worries you have right now will turn out well. Security and happiness will last into old age. It is a welcome card if you are hoping to start a family or settle down or if you have new plans regarding work. It also shows money coming in from different sources so ensure you keep the money in good investments. The Ten of Swords comes to show a ending leading to a new beginning when a relationship or career path is going nowhere. You need to be strong and not allow yourself to be emotionally manipulated.



The Queen of Cups is a card that ensures drama all the time- emotions run high and deep and there will always be a lot of noise and chaos of sorts when her pot is stirred. Apart from that, the Queen symbolizes a person who is over sensitive but creative quick-tempered but loving to a fault. You could be this person or you could be living with one such. This card also indicates good success when it comes to creative arts, spirituality and music. You simply cannot ignore such a person. The World card shows that anything is possible and indicates expansion in every way whether in business or trying new interests or being part of many social groups. There is a chance of travel and possibly relocation for a while for many reasons.



When the High Priestess comes up it is a card of about the real you. Whatever age you are. And she tells you to be yourself no matter what and also ask yourself what you really want from your life. You could be in a relationship or caring for the family but make quiet time to reconnect with the inner self and private dreams. Being alone is not the same thing as being lonely so learn to value your own company. You also have healing powers you can turn to if you look inwards. The Seven of Swords warns you against double-dealings with others and those who could go behind your back. This is especially the case if there are finances, custody or property disputes, and make sure you are well represented.



The Five of Swords is one of fighting and winning against all odds. However, make sure that you tackle them calmly and also get your facts and figures correctly. It is also a card of getting justice if you have been feeling marginalized or somewhat cheated. You could possibly treat everything with aggression and hostility and sometimes this is not how things work. Watch out also for some sneaky elements who could stab you in the back and be sure that you are not being emotionally manipulated. The Strength card comes to assure you that you will have the ability to achieve your goal and overcome obstacles if you push on.



You could be walking away from things that do not work for you- and it could be something very toxic a bad habit or an unsatisfying career where you will feel inclined to give up and go to the other extreme of not doing anything. You don’t even care for some good things that are there because you would be so overwhelmed by the negative factors. It is however also walking towards something that will make you feel fulfilled and happy eventually and could involve travel or even relocation. You could have in your life a person who represents lasting love and fidelity through good and hard times.



The Tower card shows big changes and signs of freedom from constraints in your life. It can also represent clearing of obstacles that have been holding you back from fulfilling your potential. Yes, there will be disruption but it will give you a far more open and fulfilling future and a new lifestyle. The Tower can also indicate a temporary cash crunch or a debt that will set you back for some time. The Four of Cups suggest that you need to make decisions rather than let matters drift. It could also mean that you are being offered options that you are not looking at or ignoring.

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