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Tarot - On the cards

This week there is a list of simple switchwords that can be used for many things. These are a few words and easy to remember and when chanted with intention and faith will bring about the desired results. They will have to be chanted a minimum of 28 times and can be any number in the upper limit.

Tarot - On the cards
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To stop arguments: REACH-CONCEDE. 

For quick decisions: POINT-GUIDE.

When there are negative people- LIMIT-BE.

When someone lies about you- UNMASK-LIMIT-ELATE.

To overcome physical and emotional pain-DIVINE-CHANGEALONE.

To let go of self-loathing-FORGIVE- TOMORROW-BE.

To calm down angry thoughts- PURGE-CLEAR-FORGIVE.



When one has to go for an important interview- SOPHISTICATE-CHUCKLE.

For confidence- CRYSTAL-HORSE.

To find something-REACH.

For good sleep- HO-SLOW-SHUT-0FF.



The Nine of Cups shows a general satisfaction with the way things are shaping up right now and there is a lot of equanimity about most things- also those that could not be to your liking. That said this is a card that shows a level of fulfillment of the major aspects of life and this will make you expansive and accepting of all that comes along the way. You could at some level also feel that you have earned this and could be as state of mind you have been working towards. The Seven of Wands shows however when it comes to work you are trying your best to multitask and in that endeavour, you could be at odds with some of the projects or activities that you could be undertaking. It is important to prioritise what you can handle at this point instead of biting more than you can chew.


20 APRIL – 21 MAY

The dominant mood right now is to do as much good as possible – now whether this is purely altruistic or not only you will know. Any good you wish to do has to be done anonymously because that is true giving. If you are doing this out of a sense of subtle ego, then you may as well not do it. That said you indeed are in a position to help others and this is an opportunity to make the world a better place. If you also take the ego out of this then it works wonderfully. The Three of Wands suggests overseas connections – relationships, family particularly and also work-related queries. You are thinking that there is a lot out there for you but before you take that too seriously do the necessary research and then take the plunge.


21 MAY – 21 JUNE

The Queen of Pentacles shows that there is a lot of financial gains that make you secure and on top of things. The Queen is also someone who is strong and capable and helpful when it comes to dealing with financial issues. She is supportive and will give proper guidance through instinct to go the right way and get you the best outcome even for many difficult situations. It’s best to take her inputs for a better result. Justice is a card that indicates that the right things will happen and if you have been waiting for wrongs to right itself then now is when you will see it happen. Justice also shows that you will be getting many things due to you that have been delayed and not forthcoming previously.


21 JUNE – 23 JULY

This could be a particularly difficult week for you as there are many things especially work that could be stressful and full of tense moments. All three cards that have surfaced, the Five of Wands, the Ten of Wands and The Tower show that there are rumblings in the areas of work and finance. The Five of Wands shows that you could be at odds with all that you do and because you have multiple things you pursue, they could all be coming together to make things feel stressful. You could also become aggressive because of this, making things harder for yourself. The Ten of Wands suggests that you are really weighed down by too many things you are trying to do all at once.



For most Leos, this is a good time wherein you don’t really have to worry about too many things. Because they are all going well there is not much to complain about. The Five of Pentacles shows that even if something is niggling around in your head then it’s nothing that you should take seriously. This is typically a situation when things are calm you would want to think it’s too calm, is something not right? or it’s too good to be true. All these are things that have been internalized constantly expecting life to throw something undesirable at us. Just don’t expect the worst-case scenario! The Three of Cups shows there is much to celebrate and these could be small joys in life.



Are you in two minds about something? The Two of Swords seems to indicate that and both of what you are contemplating are those that could impact your sense of worth and belonging. This is paired with the movement of the Moon card so your mind will not allow you to remain steady even if you want to. Weighing options is the current state of being so allow it to run its course. The Nine of Pentacles indicates a good state of financial stability and you are sitting on a pile of money which should make you feel that this is not something you need to worry about. The financial karma is good, and you should feel like a queen. You are also encouraged by this card to be nurturing, loving and relaxed as life goes its own way.



The Four of Pentacles suggests some element of wariness and secrecy when it comes to financial dealings. You could be either not wanting to be open about what you are earning or that you don’t wish to discuss this part with anyone lest you will be judged. You could also be wondering how you should be spending your money and even if you want to splurge you will be restraining yourself as a matter of abundant caution. The Five of Cups shows a sense of isolation and being tired of life and with almost everyone you interact with. You could be feeling very alone even in a crowd of loved ones and this has mainly to do with your internal sense of desolation.



Right now, you are confronted by the tricky nature of something that you want to be solved dusted and put away. Could be a relationship, event or situation that right now seems to be confusing and defying a solution. You must understand that this is something that requires a different way of looking at it and then you will find how to deal with it. If you approach it in the way you have been doing things all this time, then you will be breaking your head for a longer time. The High Priestess shows that you are some sort of an educator or going to learn something that will enhance your life. Could be a course, a piece of study or something that you will learn through life to take you to another level. Remember life is a great teacher and you are being constantly taught something or the other.



There could be some decisions that you are making with your head firmly and not with your heart. Right now, that is the way to move ahead. The Three of Hearts indicates that now it is that kind of a time when emotions can cloud important steps to be taken so it is better to keep feelings out of what needs to be done. This card is also one that provides great clarity in the way you think so keep that trend going. The Ace of Swords shows that this clarity is what will bring you success and power – there is the reward for thinking and doing things with crystal clearness and you are on the right track about what you are seeking to achieve. The Ace is also a very positive card – a harbinger of how will tackle issues.



Weighing your options when it comes to finances and money is your thing now. The Two of Pentacles brings to the fore the decisions weighing on your mind when it comes to handling, spending and earning money. You could always be in a bit of a dilemma about what you actually want to do with what is available to you. This sort of indecision can hamper your progress because others won’t wait and opportunities will not either. So make up your mind and put your best foot forward. The Four of Swords brings you strength because you are in a position to fight and eliminate any competition you could face when it comes to what you want to achieve.



Plans for the future, working on them and looking forward to that life are uppermost in your mind right now. The Three of Pentacles shows that you are working hard towards a move and a life leaving behind the current one. This also could mean building, creating and renovating the selling property and assets so that this move can be smooth, fruitful and full of promise. That said what is in your head and what could be the reality are very different so you would do well not to have utopia in mind while you contemplate this new move. Do not have unrealistic expectations of that life because as you do know everything comes with pluses and minuses.



Looking ahead with anticipation and hope is what you could be doing right now and the Two of Wands shows that a lot of that has some connection with your overseas connections. You would like to build a life that is far from where you are now and this can fire your imagination and desires to look in that direction. The Two of Cups brings renewed love and romance into your life so enjoy this phase. It could also bring in new people together in marriage and long-term commitment and this is a happy time when new beginnings, new relationships and other things associated with such bonds.

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