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Tarot - On the cards

Archangel Ariel assists in healing injured animals working closely with Archangel Raphael in these endeavours. It is believed she also works to oversee the order of the physical universe including all planets, the sun, the moon and the stars.

Tarot - On the cards
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This week Archangel Ariel is in focus — she is the patron saint of animals and the environment. Archangel Ariel’s name means ‘lion or lioness of God’. Her role is to protect the earth, its natural resources, ecosystems and all wild life and is always available with support and guidance for
any activities that involve environmentalism and protecting, healing, rejuvenating, and/or maintaining our environment. Archangel Ariel assists in healing injured animals working closely with Archangel Raphael in these endeavours. It is believed she also works to oversee the order of the physical universe including all planets, the sun, the moon and the stars. When seeking to learn more about nature or connect more deeply while hiking or exploring, she assists in providing insights and opportunities to expand your awareness and experience. Given Archangel Ariel is watching over the earth’s natural resources, she can also be especially helpful in ensuring your needs for food, water, shelter and other supplies are met.


The hermit tells us that there is a sense of isolation and feeling alone or in solitude- all these are part of the scheme where you could be in a relationship – spouse, partner or anything that is long term and still
feel out of the loop. This happens sometimes and the only way to deal with this is to pull yourself back from the isolation and rework on relationships. The devil is the one who indicates this aspect and the ties are strong despite you mentally moving away so all you need to do is to bring back the togetherness however you think that works. The fool on the other hand is indicating that while you feel alone and solitary there is a desire to be carefree and shorn of all your responsibilities so that you can do whatever you wish without any encumbrances. That is a double-edged sword because any impulsive action could lead to some heartache and not being spontaneous also takes away some of the joys of living.


20 APRIL – 21 MAY
You are currently gaining knowledge- it needs to turn to wisdom only then will you benefit. Just knowing about things is not of much use. You will need to apply what you learn today to day situations and emotions that have been with you for a while now. This takes a lot of work. The process could make your frustrated, irritable, settled but this will eventually bring results and the transformation will happen. The High Priestess shows that you are learning every day- it could also be that you are doing courses that are very relevant to you but the Eight of Cups shows that you are feeling very weighed down and would like to leave it all and move. This is normal when you bring about changes in your life through learnings. The Eight of Wands meanwhile also shows the stress and pressure you are putting yourself through. Most of it is self inflicted.


21 MAY – 21 JUNE
You have all these ideas and ambitions and you are unsure about how to go about all these. The Nine of Wands brings this aspect to the fore and as you contemplate what you could do there are also plans being made within your head about the long-term visuals. The Three of Pentacles shows that there is some kind of planning going on and it could be a house, work-related projects, creative endeavours with others and anything that will build upon your talents and skills. However, if there is a possibility that you might not want to do all the running around you could use the skills and potentials of young people who could execute your ideas with great aplomb. So this week is about your dreams and aspirations for yourself as well as this aspect of your life. The focus will be on what to do when and how to do it all.


21 JUNE – 23 JULY
A week where you will be in demand. Where work is concerned and for personal relationships
as well. People will seek you out for advice, inputs and anything that will enhance their lives with your contributions. The Six of Cups brings this to light and you will enjoy this phase of popularity. And the Judgement card comes to show that you will need to feel immense gratitude for all the good things along with all this attention and nurturing. This also means that all your previous actions could be bearing fruit at a time like this. So better the feelings of gratitude and thanks the greater the life. This will also prepare you for some big changes that are coming, and you would do well to maintain equanimity. The Death card shows this, and changes are unsettling so it will take your patience
and understanding to accept and adapt.


A bit of a mixed bag this week — especially for Leo women who will witness some changes
in the pattern of life for now. The Tower shows that some kind of old structure is going under and you are rebuilding another kind of life and pattern. The women could also be dealing with some kind of illness for the men in the family-fever, forgetfulness and some minor things like that. The King of Wands suggests that the person of command in the house could be the one going through all this. There is essentially nothing to worry but do lookout for some signs. The Knight of Swords brings about some stressful situations for the younger males in the family as well. This is mostly work-related and things will go in a way that they will feel like they are battling many things to get simple things done at work.


The Four of Swords shows you in a fairly aggressive state of mind- you will be ready to take people and things on to get on with work and other aspects of your life. That however will make you tense and on edge so allow the calmness to pervade you as you respond and react to situations. Nothing is worth losing your cool over. The Ten of Pentacles brings some influx of money and wealth and this could be coming to you from the good offices of your legacy or things from elders and those who have chosen to leave things for you. There is a lot of activity going in the upper world in this instance and you are the beneficiary of this largess. The Eight of Wands brings you to the cutting edge of your talent and skills and your ambitions will match what you want to do with it all. You will have a great desire to achieve and see the results of your work.


So many things are going well for you especially when it comes to work and many friendships and relationships- yet there is a thread of sadness and feeling overwhelmed by the world around you. This could be because you are plugged into the collective grief over world events and this could be making you feel very down. Once you understand this then you will be able to detach yourself from this and enjoy the good moments of which there are plenty of. The Nine of Cups is what shows the good part, while the Queen of Cups shows the going under the weight of emotions and feelings which could everything seem like a yo-yo. Remember that you are can decide not to let things bother you too much and keep looking at the blessings present in your life.


Partnerships, togetherness and everything to do with those you are committed to will be the focus this week. This means there will be a lot you will do with your spouse, partner or those you are very closely associated with. This is not altogether a pleasant time because you might not want to do all this bonding at this point in time. But you are aware that your life is tied to them so you cannot avoid doing what is expected of you. This is what the Six of Swords is indicating. And that is also why the Temperance card has come to ensure that you keep your emotional reactions very casual and mild so that you do not escalate any situation. This is a temporary phase so just be patient and there is much good awaiting you. The Ace of Swords also brings success for all your endeavours especially when it comes to the work environment.


The Hierophant is there to assure you of Divine Guidance and protection in all that you do. So whatever you are doing in your personal and professional life you should know that you are on the right track. Karmically, you are experiencing all that you are supposed to go through. The Hanged Man however throws some spokes in the wheel by bringing some setbacks and confusion and you will tend to second guess most of your decisions. Solutions to most of what you are looking at need a different way of looking at it to be able to solve it to the satisfaction of all those around you. The Lovers card shows commitment, the process and the relationship you are committing to and perhaps leading to marriage soon.


You are going to be dealing with very ambitious driven youngsters who will be the force behind all that you do this week- this is largely in the work sector and could also spill over to your personal life. The Page of Swords shows the determined way of getting things done and never mind if they will
sever a few heads. You could get caught in this process too. And to make things even tougher is the presence of a strong male — ambitious, determined and like a leader in the business — the King of Swords who will also add to the pressure of performing and being under scrutiny. Will surely drive a hard bargain when it comes to performance and results. Since there is clarity this should only make you work harder and think better
to stay ahead.


So long as you ask of things that are unrealistic the world is literally at your feet this week. So make the best use of this time to harness all your energies and manifest long-pending desires. The Justice card shows that you will get all that you have been wanting for a while because it is about time. It could be anything — happiness, fulfillment, material things – just ensure your ask is doable. Because the Seven of Cups shows that there must be a reason for you wanting certain things. Is it a need or a desire? Do question this part. The Ace of Pentacles is what shows how what you want is right around the corner and you are just about ready for it all. But from what is evident a lot is to do with money matters which will come together making you feel secure.


There is a mood of charity and doing good for those around you — you will feel the need to
help those less fortunate than you and you will focus your attention on this aspect
during the days of this week. The Six of Pentacles brings this part of your psyche forward and while this is a great thing doing charity also has some guidelines- it becomes productive only when there is absolutely no attachment to the giving. Doing it anonymously is perhaps what describes it best. That said there are also some mixed feelings and emotions assailing you where you will want to run and hide especially your thoughts. You don’t want anyone guessing what you are feeling.

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