Healthy brain required to take control of one’s life

It is understood in the world today that most diseases are oriented in the mind. But what is the mind? Mind is an invisible power. No one can say where the mind resides. But it is because of the mind that one can learn, correct mistakes and enhance their intellectual skills.
Healthy brain required to take control of one’s life
Shri Aasaanji , Spiritual Master


To access the beautiful and powerful mind we need a physical organ. This visible physical organ is the Brain. The brain is needed for every organ in the body to function, but the ultimate organ through which the mind can express itself and enjoy pleasure is the brain. 
Without a healthy and functioning brain no matter how much power one possesses, it will make no difference to life. It is only with a healthy and functioning brain that one can take control of life. Why do I discuss this? Because it is high time that we take measures to stop anything that has a bad effect on the brain. The knowledge I will share with you today is the need of the hour to prevent ourselves from unavoidable health hazards and to recover from the damage we unconsciously cause to ourselves.
How digital media affects you 
One of the factors that has the highest adverse effect on the brain is digital feeding. Somewhere we are losing control to it. Digital feeding or digital media is non-physical but visible.  For example, images and videos. The exposure and overuse of digital technology starts from television, computer systems and smartphones. One must understand the effects of non-essential digital feeding to come out of it. 
Digital feeding above a certain limit immediately and directly damages the brain. Today the demand for anything in digital form has reached an all-time high with the use of the internet. On the other hand, we are also heading towards an all-time high in brain diseases and disorders. It is high time to realise the overuse of digital media is a cause for damage to the brain function and 90 per cent of mental disorders. Is there a solution for this? No, there is no solution. It is not possible to find a solution. The only possibility is individual prevention.
Prevention, the only cure 
One should take self-efforts to avoid damage to the brain due to digital media by following three simple steps:
1. Limit screen time: Ask yourself, “Can I limit the time I spend looking at a screen”? This could be your smartphone, computers, television or any other digital media.
2. Rely on your own intelligence: In every situation ask yourself, “Can I use my intellectual capability before I use my smartphone for a solution or for a calculation? Am I going to rely on the computer or phone to do the thinking for me or am I going to think for myself?”.
3. No digital media during family-time and meals: The third is the most important. One should commit to themselves that even if they cannot follow the first two, they shall do this 100 per cent. When you spend time with the family or your loved ones or you are in a discussion with someone, keep the smartphone away. Concentrate on that person. This will not only help you and your family but will also reduce the damage to the next generation due to digital exposure. 
Intelligent computers and smartphones cannot eat for you. It is of highest importance that while eating you are not involved with any digital media. Insist the same for others too. Following this principle   increases not just one’s mental ability but their mental agility too. Any sort of engagement with digital media while eating should be totally avoided.
Research shows that turning off the TV and other digital media during meals and family time leads to a healthy and happy life too because one can share emotional strength and give importance to relationships. It is proven that this simple discipline gives phenomenal changes in health and family relationships. 
The first step towards health and happiness: For real change say enough is enough! ‘The first step towards real growth, is to take the first step’. What is this first step? Instead of justifying why you are involved in digital media, avoid it, and be ‘gadget-free’ when you eat and when you spend time with the family. Remember, ‘You should be the master of technology, it shouldn’t be the master of you’. What you are going to do isn’t only for your physical health but for emotional health and a happy family too.
Above all, consciously taking self-efforts to practice meditation or Atma-Dhyana helps reduce the damage due to digital media and helps one live a healthy and happy life.
Wishing you a life full of good health, peace, success and happiness.  
Aham Brahmasmi!! 
— Atmayogi Shri Aasaanji is a non-religious, contemporary Spiritual Master and the founder of the Atmayoga Foundation (Institute for Inner-Science and Self-Transformation)

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