Inner peace, the only independence worth attaining

On the occasion of Independence Day, let me discuss independence of a different kind, the freedom from Maya. Why does one seek knowledge, motivation and inspiration? For the sole purpose of achieving peace with the self. Ultimately, this is the only goal that a human craves.
Inner peace, the only independence worth attaining
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People engage in devotion too, assuming that by realising God they can attain peace. The truth is that mere realisation of God cannot help a person. Once you understand that it is the science of Karma that is the cause for everything, you will also understand that you cannot realise God. God can only be utilized and godliness experienced. 
No matter what one might do externally, without knowledge of the self and knowledge of the science of Karma, Karma Shastra, or the laws of self-transformation, achieving peace is not possible. Karma is the only reason for practical experience and manifestation in life. 
Without this knowledge, one is guided by the power of maya. And despite one’s best intentions a person will land up with the following behaviours: 
Arguments rather than discussion: One gets into arguments and is never ready for a discussion. One lives in a state of confusion and decision-making is difficult. Even when a decision is taken, it is not out of determination and realisation, but is based on one’s perception and expectations. 
Inability to accept one’s own faults: One never accepts one’s own mistakes and faults, ignoring the only chance to develop further. Instead, at every opportunity, the person blames and finds fault with others. 
Lack of appreciation: One of the highest needs of a human is appreciation. One who is ignorant of the self cannot appreciate another’s success and instead gets irritated with it. They find fault with other’s success instead of learning the right lessons from it.  
Control over others: One seeks to control or destroy others for one’s own ideology and perception, in the process destroying oneself. His/ her energy and life is wasted in proving ‘I’m right’. 
Departure from dharma: One will never lead a life of essential dharma but instead is constantly engaged in emotional drama. 
How does one free oneself from a life governed by maya? The knowledge of the self, Karma Shastra and the practice of atma-dhyana frees one from self-destructive and damaging patterns to raise one to the state of divine consciousness. A state where everything is taken care of and you receive even before you ask. Your life is powered with knowing that you already have all you want--emotional stability, inner peace, financial abundance; everything is delivered to you, on time. This is the foremost reason for every soul to take life in human form; to realise that you have all you want and live a life of peace, success and happiness. 
Aham Brahmasmi!! 
— Shri Aasaanji is a non-religious, contemporary Spiritual Master and the founder of the Atmayoga Foundation (Institute for Inner-Science and Self-Transformation)

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