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Your daily predictions January 31, 2017

A daily forecast by astrological researcher G Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog

Your daily predictions January 31, 2017
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Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2017 

Yogam: Pareegam 

Tamil year: Dhurmuki 

Karanam: Vanisai 

Month & day: Thai-18 

Rahukalam: 3.00-4.30 pm 

Yamakantam: 9.00-10.30 am 

Natchatram: Purattathi 

Sunrise: 6.39 am 

Thithi: Chathurthi 

Sunset: 6.04 pm

ASWINI: A journey planned with family and friends would be postponed due to sudden workload. New ventures should be completely avoided. Sudden pressures would mount and hamper your schedules.  

BARANI: Some can see everything going well and feel happy the whole day. Some of you can expect business investments today.  Friends would help you out today in all your work. 

KARTHIGAI: Try to control your expenses, as more purchase requirements would crop up. Family bonding is good and strong. Hidden enemies may try to provoke you or hamper your work today, beware. 

ROHINI: A day full of joy and happiness The unexpected visit of a friend and a telephone call would come as a surprise. Double benefit in business and a good turnover in sales would make you happy.  

MIRUGASEERSHAM: Try to concentrate only on your work and finish as quickly as possible. Drive carefully today. A day of dilemma prevails. Work would be hampered due to a lot of interference from others.  

THIRUVATHIRAI: Never find fault with others. Avoid long distance travels. A day full of tough schedules ahead.  Should avoid harsh behaviour. Avoid tensions and have a closer look at your schedules. 

PUNARPOOSAM: Keep all your documents ready and get the work done with ease. Relatives would seek help visiting you.  All works go smooth without hurdles. Official support would be immense. 

POOSAM: Some can expect help from a new friend. Don’t be moody today. Relax and go dining with friends. Avoid disputes with neighbours and friends. Do not interfere in other people’s family affairs.   

AAYILYAM: Friends and partners would appreciate your strategy in clinching deals and making profits. Family members are happy with your support. All things are favourable. Parents health should be taken care of.

MAGAM: Traders are advised to keep their accounts in good order. Try to ignore parents emotions but follow their advice, while making your own tracks. Siblings would try to provoke you and gain from that. 

POORAM: Some can get unexpected help from neighbours in your property issues. A new entrant to family is foreseen. Those who are expecting good news from family members will hear the same.  

UTHTHIRAM: Government would try to impose penalty on your modified plan.  Keep appropriate documents ready.  Builders are advised to hold on their modified plans. Chances of meeting a personality high for many.

HASTHAM: Accept the new changes and proceed accordingly. All hurdles would be removed by evening and issues would be sorted. Keep an eye on kids. Utter confusion prevails, with sudden changes in your schedules.  

CHITHIRAI: Some can foresee new investments and a good sign of growth. Some of you can look forward to getting back the balance amount due to you. Gains from family business is foreseen. Don’t be harsh today. 

SWATHI: Take care of your belongings and try to safeguard them. Some could be reprimanded by elders in family.  Drift on investments is foreseen. Hold back your activity for a day and proceed. Be ready for a change.

VISAGAM: Work schedule will be hectic and you have to cope with situations arising out of it. Your planning will be smooth and you can see new changes around you today. 

ANUSHAM: Some would have a change of job / place, which is unexpected. Family love is abundant and good. Some will have to spend heavily on their family. Government help is immense, for some. 

KETTAI: Travel on the cards for some who also benefit greatly from same. Start your business ideas, share it with others and make it a success. A day of mixed results, with both gains and expenses indicated.  

MOOLAM: Handle your business with utmost care and try to dispose of old materials.  Investments / speculations should be totally avoided. Heavy expenses / unforeseen expenses are likely today.  

POORADAM: An expected call from foreign countries, for welfare of your family would happen today.  Start your day with good thoughts. Avoid negative thinking and proceed with daily schedules. 

UTHRADAM: Try to be in the good books of your spouse and kids with your usual persevering methods.  Confusion prevails the whole day and you would be behind in your schedules. Don’t argue with employees. 

THRUVONAM: Those planning to investment should avoid today as loss is foreseen. Some of you planning to change job would run into difficulties.  Family disputes and arguments with siblings would crop up today. 

AVITTAM: Kids would love to go for an outing and have outside food. Those having agreements with officials can go ahead and complete the projects.  Some can expect voluntary help from friends and workers. 

SATHAYAM: A day of mixed results. Many who are planning to finalise property disputes can go ahead. Hidden enemies are far away from your projects. Sudden gains from parents and in-laws foreseen.  

PURATAATHI: Sudden changes in your work may hamper your daily schedule. Unexpected gains and unplanned expenses are foreseen. A day to be totally careful in all your decisions. Rein in your thoughts. 

UTHIRATAATHI: Hold your schedule for a day and plan for the next day. Avoid speculation. Family bonding is good and strong. A day when all your work collapses. Take the advice of elders and proceed accordingly. 

REVATHI: Handle your business and partners with ease and double your profits. All things will go smooth today without any hurdles. But for some, dispute with partners and spouse likely. Handle with care.

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