Your daily predictions October 24, 2016

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Your daily predictions October 24, 2016
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Date: Monday, October 24, 2016 
Yogam: Subham 
Tamil year: Dhurmuki 
Karanam: Karasai 
Month & day: Ayippasi-08 
Rahukalam: 7.30 to 9.00 am 
Yamakantam: 1.30 to 12.00am 
Natchatram: Aayilyam 
Sunrise: 6.04 am 
Thithi: Navami 
Sunset: 5.42 pm
ASWINI: Traders will gain handsomely on their investment. Health of parents could cause anxiety. Medical expenses will go up. A relaxed morning will turn into an evening of pressures. 
BARANI: A day of new experiences and wonderful adventures. Some of you would proudly talk about them while some would prefer to underplay the same. Avoid speculation. Focus on completing set tasks. 
KARTHIGAI: Your days of worry are behind you as new avenues open up. Some of you will embark on a path to do well in future. Do not react to provocations and taunts. 
ROHINI: Avoid arguments with government officials who are authorised for the purpose. Recheck your business and official documents. Some of you will execute plans that will fetch good results. 
MIRUGASEERSHAM: Fix your agenda for the day, equip yourself well and proceed according to plan. Do not have second thoughts. Seek advise from trusted friends in case of any difficulty. 
THIRUVATHIRAI: Female friends will be of help to you in your neighbourhood work. A day of mixed results. Some will make gains while others will face hurdles. Your actions are being watched closely. 
PUNARPOOSAM: You will have a great time travelling to nearby places of worship with spouse and friends. Happiness prevails the entire day. If you plan your work well, everything will go smoothly. 
POOSAM: Be prepared for a hectic day. Take care while working with machines. Health would need attention. A day when wishes come true. Be wise and choose useful things in life. 
AAYILYAM: Some of you will be busy with hectic negotiations with foreign firms. Schedules would be upset due to sudden work. A hectic day when you will be in two minds over everything. 
MAGAM: Some of you will visit neighbourhood temples while a few may plan a pilgrimage to presiding family deity this weekend. A day of complete happiness. Family expenses foreseen. 
POORAM: Don’t commit to helping anyone and burn your fingers. Instead, help only those truly in distress. A day of gains and expenses. A day of ups and downs on all fronts. 
UTHTHIRAM: It is time you allowed the designated people to carry out the work. Some sort of inner fear would disturb you the whole day. Relax and spend time with your family. 
HASTHAM: A persistent health issue needs attention. Seek the right physician. Parents’ health would be of concern today. Don’t have negative thoughts. Friends help likely. 
CHITHIRAI: Government support is extended today without any hiccups. First half of the day will be hectic. By evening all will be fine and you can relax. 
SWATHI: Stay alert and finish your assigned project in time. Seek the advice and blessings of elders in the family. Make a note of all the work you do and mark a copy to superiors. Others may try to take credit. 
VISAGAM: Some good friends would visit you from faraway places. Enjoy the day with them. You are likely to be transferred, get ready for the new place and adventures that are in store for you. 
ANUSHAM: Avoid policy decisions and signing of documents or agreements today. Deviation of thoughts indicated. A day of total gains for traders and businessmen. Stay calm and focus on work. 
KETTAI: Some may face police interrogation today. Your honesty is being put to test by a family member. Do not react when provoked, good karma is in store for you.
MOOLAM: A family member will bring good news today. Health issues could trouble a few. Drive safe. Evening you will bring more good news, this time from friends. Hectic day at workplace for many. 
POORADAM: Control your expenses. Avoid buying the same things again and again. Unexpected expenses foreseen today. A day of family bonding. Children will make you proud with their achievements. 
UTHRADAM: Some will face disturbance in their routine work, but it is manageable. Evening is for bonding with family members. Your directions will be followed at work today. 
THRUVONAM: Avoid taking up new ventures today. Disturbances foreseen. Your ideas will be put into action today. Beware of new ideas given by new friends it could turn into a nightmare. 
AVITTAM: Some of you may dine out with friends. Postpone investment plans for a couple od days, due to maleficent planetary impact. Avoid speculations completely. 
SATHAYAM: A day of good family bonding, with elders and siblings. Some of you may go on a trip with extended family. Avoid speculations. Weigh your words, act with caution. 
PURATAATHI: Avoid making commitments of any kind. Take care on your belongings. Hindrance is foreseen in all your activities. Heavy expenditure also indicated for some. 
UTHIRATAATHI: Whatever you say will go against you today. On the work front you may end up redoing the same work again and again. Avoid arguing with women today. Minor storm on the home front. 
REVATHI: Some of you are likely to make the wisest decision of your life today. Some have the opportunity to meet old friends and exchange good thoughts and ideas. A day of luck and prosperity.

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