Your daily predictions September 8, 2016

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Date: Thursday, September 8, 2016 
Yogam: Vaidruthi 
Tamil year: Dhurmuki 
Karanam: Kanisai
Month & day: Aavani-23 
Rahukalam: 1.30-3.00 pm 
Yamakantam: 6-7.30 am 
Natchatram: Anusham 
Sunrise: 6.01 am 
Thithi: Sapthami 
Sunset: 6.15 pm
ASWINI: Your daily routine will keep you preoccupied today. Friends will not be very supportive. Be patient with others. The Moon’s transit may not be in your favour. 
BARANI: Government support enables a matter to go through without hindrance. Avoid taking policy decisions today due to negative planetary influences. A family problem will take some time getting sorted out. 
KARTHIGAI: Some of you may have a physical / mental upset. Family bonding is good. Some dilemmas may take you time to resolve. Be firm with workers on delivering quality output. 
ROHINI: Stick to schedule and finish work on time. A long distance call will make you happy in the evening. Visitors arriving unannounced may make you tense. Fulfil their needs the best you can. 
MIRUGASEERSHAM: Meetings today will fetch good results. Builders can go ahead and finalise deals with customers. Happiness prevails through the day. Your focused approach to an assignment will be successful. 
THIRUVATHIRAI: A friend will accompany you on a trip which will be fruitful. Hidden enemies vanish and you are free from troubles today. Some of you may have to go on a sudden official trip to a distant place. 
PUNARPOOSAM: Artists will shine in their field today. Many new assignments are forecast. Some of your decisions may go wrong. Try to concentrate on your work and don’t poke your nose in others’ family problems. 
POOSAM: Work will be easy and fast moving. You may be able to find time to relax in the afternoon after a round of hectic work. Good friends will help you in today’s schedules. 
AAYILYAM: Karma plays a vital role today. Do not be over-smart when dealing with clients. Be watchful in how you approach the day’s activities. If you provoke others you will have to be prepared for the consequences. 
MAGAM: Property matters should be put on hold today. Neighbours may trouble you today with petty issues. Be watchful of the company your kids keep. Some of you will have good gains and returns on deals. 
POORAM: You will have plenty of time with the family. You may be able to resolve a problem with help from friends of the opposite sex. Socialising may make a dent in your wallet. 
UTHTHIRAM: Your savings will diminish. Business people will get an overdraft on their expenses. Some of you will double your gains. Family expenses may be high. 
HASTHAM: Wait and watch when it comes to resolving family problems. Take some time out for yourself to give yourself a breather and to avoid any negative consequences. Siblings may be combative. 
CHITHIRAI: Some of you may get new assignments at work or additional responsibilities at home, which will have to be met. Try not to be distracted or impulsive. Postpone travel plans with friends / family. 
SWATHI: Some of you may get transferred within the organisation. Maintain discretion in your work. Mother’s health should be taken care of. You will meet your targets well. 
VISAGAM: Builders must submit their floor plans for approval to their clients. Keep documents clear and updated. A day of double gains in all your deals. Traders can expect new purchase orders. 
ANUSHAM: Make decisions based on your experience in the field. Family bonding is good. Limit your chats with unknown friends. Do not involve in matters which do not come under your purview. 
KETTAI: Some of you may suffer from allergies. Have good food at home rather than from hotels. Friends will help you out. If over 45 years of age, be regular in your health check-ups. 
MOOLAM: If you need to approach a government agency, you will be successful. Visit a nearby temple for a good darshan. A day of happiness and pleasure foreseen. Some of you may get transferred within city limits. 
POORADAM: Keep your operations discreet. Avoid speculations / share market investments. Family bonding is good. People in love may get a chance to profess their feelings today. 
UTHRADAM: You may not find people too cooperative today. Don’t let stress make you drive rashly. Financial worries may be on your mind. Assess the situation; pare down your purchases according to your means. 
THIRUVONAM: Work from home, close the deals you can. Some of you may have a long distance tour or pilgrimage on the cards. Situations at work may be confusing or contrary. 
AVITTAM: Some of you will have good relations with politicians. Take a chance; push for good support from the government on a business plan. You will have to take a quick decision on a business opportunity. 
SATHAYAM: Finish work on time. Don’t resist change. Sudden monetary gains will flow in, which is always welcome. Keep to your daily schedule without getting distracted. 
PURATAATHI: Make a list of all that’s keeping you from optimal efficiency and resolve what you can. A long distance call makes you happy. Do not try to provoke others. Keep a track of expenses. 
UTHIRATAATHI: If you run a commercial vehicles business or fleet operation, some loss is foreseen. Don’t be adamant on decisions; some flexibility may be in order. Avoid speculations. 
REVATHI: Take appropriate rest before you move on to your next project. Analyse and find a way to cement a business deal. Good days are ahead. Find time to relax with the family and with friends.

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