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Your daily predictions September 5, 2016

A daily forecast by astrological researcher G. Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog

Your daily predictions September 5, 2016
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Date: Monday, September 5, 2016

Yogam: Subram 

Tamil year: Dhurmuki 

Karanam: Vanisai

Month & day: Aavani-20 

Rahukalam: 7.30-9 am 

Yamakantam: 10.30-12 noon 

Natchatram: Chithirai 

Sunrise: 6.01 am 

Thithi: Chathurthi 

Sunset: 6.15pm

ASWINI: Your plan to purchase/dispose of immovable property can be worked out today, some confusion is expected. Expenses are foreseen, so be prepared. 

BARANI: You may have to consult a physician as some ailments could be keeping you from maximum efficiency at work. Drink juices. Seek out the blessings of elders. The family is supportive. 

KARTHIGAI: Friends and colleagues are on your side. Health is good. Some of you may incur expenses on your vehicles. 

ROHINI: Friends will lend you a helping hand. Work is normal today. A happy occasion, spent with siblings, is foreseen today. Sort out their needs, help them. 

MIRUGASEERSHAM: Enemies may resort to deceit more than open antagonism to hit out: so be watchful. You may not be completely decisive. Remove any niggling fears and march forth boldly on a plan of action. 

THIRUVATHIRAI: You may feel pressured to meet deadlines. Keep a keen eye on the priorities and do whatever has to be done to finish on time. Sudden changes and disruptions in schedule should not faze you. 

PUNARPOOSAM: You will meet a friend from long ago. Enjoy the day. Unexpected monetary gains will flood in. Everything will happen suddenly and you will be in a happy state of mind. 

POOSAM: Grab an opportunity without thinking too much. Not everything happens according to plan and you may not be prepared to face such upsets: so develop a certain evenness of mind. 

AAYILYAM: Traders will benefit: sales are good. A dear friend will pick up the tab today on your behalf: enjoy the gesture. A day of gains from all the sources of work you do today. No loss is foreseen.

MAGAM: A transfer of place / job is close; you will see signs of it at work. Don’t say no to change. A neighbour may cast a resentful eye on you: so be prepared. 

POORAM: Don’t speak impulsively nor respond to provocation. The family’s advice should be kept in mind. Don’t be unnecessarily generous with those who can look after themselves. 

UTHTHIRAM: If there are problems, you need to sort them out. The evening will be calm and you will enjoy an outing. Health issues and family matters may arise and these deserve priority. 

HASTHAM: Your friends are proud to be associated with you. You will be praised for what you are best at. Blessings pour in the entire day from all sides. 

CHITHIRAI: An unexpected piece of news may make you tense. Don’t give in to sudden changes in mood. Walk for relaxation and peace of mind. Daily activities may see some disruption. 

SWATHI: Not everything that happens is pleasant, but you need to accept it. Neighbours may not be very cooperative. Take care when driving. Don’t speak without thinking. 

VISAGAM: Postpone any important assignment for a couple of days. Happiness comes from being with family and friends who mean something to you. Disposal of a piece of property will take time. 

ANUSHAM: Think before you act. Something may occur that disrupts your plans. Take the help of friends to cope with these changes. Health should be taken care of. 

KETTAI: Some changes in a situation will work in your favour. A day full of surprises. Whatever you have not anticipated may occur, requiring some imaginative coping skills. 

MOOLAM: Kids love and affection are heartwarming. Health problems will disappear. You will be able to put your plans into action. 

POORADAM: You benefit in many ways. Property disputes will come to an end. Friends may not be too cooperative, but those you considered enemies will help you out. 

UTHRADAM: Your wise decision to move out of the country will work out. Some of you may incur a financial loss. Take contrary family members in your stride. 

THRUVONAM: Meetings that you propose now will bring good returns in the long run. Problems that have been bothersome for a while may get resolved today. 

AVITTAM: Stay on the righteous path, and everything will work out right in the future too. Plan your day well. Karmic effects may be visible: all actions, whether good or bad, conclude in their own way at the end. 

SATHAYAM: Your spouse’s advice may take you far: if you heed it, it will all be smooth sailing. You will be successful in everything today. Drive safe. 

PURATAATHI: Your silence could be misunderstood. Speak out and fix what you can. There could be a sudden inflow of money. Expenses are indicated too. You need to rest well. 

UTHIRATAATHI: Hang in there: a favourable time is nearing and you will reap huge returns in the near future. Some investments may turn out loss making. 

REVATHI: Discretion is the better part of valour and you will be appreciated for not saying too much at the moment. Take care while driving.

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