Your daily predictions June 8, 2016

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Your daily predictions June 8, 2016


Date: Wednesday, June 8, 2016 
Yogam: Vridhdhi 
Tamil year: Dhurmuki 
Karanam: Vanisai 
Month & day: Vaikasi-26 
Rahukalam: 12.00 to 1.30 pm 
Yamakantam: 7.30 to 9.00 am 
Natchatram: Pusam 
Sunrise: 5.45 am 
Thithi: Chathurthi  
Sunset: 6.30 pm
ASWINI: Expenses are in the pipeline. Take good care of your belongings.  Don’t commit to too many projects at the moment as some obstacles are likely in all your activities.
BARANI: You may take a long time to complete repetitive tasks.  Family relations may be disturbed. You may have some disagreements if dealing with women colleagues.  What you sat may go against you.
KARTHIGAI: Some of you will take a wise long-term decision today.  You could meet good old friends and exchange thoughts and ideas.  A day of luck and prosperity.
ROHINI: People who don’t know you may suggest some new ideas that could turn nightmarish. Avoid taking up new ventures today.  You will put thoughts into action.  Friends may have a disruptive influence.
MIRUGASEERSHAM: Keep a property investment on hold for a couple of days due to malefic planetary configurations.  Some of you may be dining out with friends tonight. Avoid speculations today.  
THIRUVATHIRAI: You will bond well with elders and siblings.  You may also be going on a pilgrimage. Watch your words before putting them into action.  Avoid speculations.
PUNARPOOSAM: Family members bring good news.  Some of you may face health issues.  Drive carefully. The evening could offer you a chance to celebrate. You will face hectic pressures at work.  
POOSAM: Avoid making unnecessary purchases.  Kids’ love is heartwarming and your wisdom as a parent is appreciated.  Unwanted expenses could crop up today
AAYILYAM: The daily routine may get disturbed, but you will manage it.  You will spend the evening with family members. You will execute your plans and finish all your work without hindrance.
MAGAM: You will meet all your deadlines and fulfil priorities. You will be happy, and from troubles set free.  Avail of holy darshan of deities in temples nearby with your spouse and friends.
POORAM: Pursue what you really desire in life: you will be able to get what you want.  Hectic schedules are ahead of you today. Be alert when working with machinery and equipment. 
UTHTHIRAM: Some of you may get foreign assignments.  Meetings will be postponed due to other urgent issues. You have a hectic day ahead, and you may be prone to some indecision, which delays the work schedule.
HASTHAM: Your perfect decisions lead to success.  Avoid arguments with government officials who have to do their job.  Take a good second look at all deals before you commit to them.
CHITHIRAI: Finish your work, using the materials you have. Be bold, don’t give in to niggling self-doubt. A good friend who knows you well may be able to give you a reality check.
SWATHI: A girlfriend’s help may come in handy with some deals you are trying to close. Your actions are being watched. Some of you will get gains while others may encounter hurdles.
VISAGAM: Traders see good profits on their investments.  A parent’s health will cause some worry. You may have medical expenses. The morning is laid back, stress mounts in the second half of the day.
ANUSHAM: A day of great experiences and new adventures.  Some of you will be proud of having been open to such opportunities to learn.  You will need to adapt to a new person with whom you are working on a project.
KETTAI: The worries of the past lift; a new path opens before you. Don’t respond to provocations that are baseless.  Take a policy decision today which will turn out beneficial for the future.
MOOLAM: Some good friends from abroad will visit you.  Enjoy the day with them.  While your transfer on the job is confirmed, get ready to live in a new place and undertake new ventures.  
POORADAM: Stay relaxed and concentrate on the job at hand.  You are prone to distraction.  A day of gains for traders and businessmen.  Avoid policy decisions and signing of documents or agreements.
UTHRADAM: Some of you may get interrogated by the police.  Ignore people who criticise or provoke as they may be doing so out of jealousy. If you are in the clear, they cannot tarnish your reputation.  
THIRUVONAM: You may need to attend to a medical problem.  Some of you will get help from friends and family.  Don’t give in to indecision.  Parents’ health will be a major concern today.  
AVITTAM: Government support comes your way without difficulty.  The first half of the day is totally hectic. The evening will be more relaxed with deadlines having been met.  
SATHAYAM: Be alert and complete all projects undertaken on time.  Get the advice and blessings of parents. Documentation of all your work is necessary or the credit may go to strangers.  
PURATAATHI: Some of you may be keen to visit temples of your Ishta-Devata; do this over the weekend. You may have family expenses and you will need to dip into your savings.
UTHIRATAATHI: Don’t commit to helping people you don’t know as this could backfire.  Help those who are really in need.   A day of gains and expenses, of highs and lows.  
REVATHI: Give yourself a break and relax with the family.  Be prompt in executing a business deal. You may be beset by an inner fear that could disturb you: deal with it, banish it.

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