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Your daily predictions May 17, 2016

A daily forecast by astrological researcher G. Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog

Your daily predictions May 17, 2016
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Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2016 

Yogam: Vajram 

Tamil year: Dhurmuki 

Karanam: Vishti 

Month & day: Vaikasi-4 

Rahukalam: 3 pm to 4.00 pm 

Yamakantam: 10.30 to 12.00 pm 

Natchatram: Hasthem 

Sunrise: 5.47 am 

Thithi: Ekadasi  

Sunset: 6.23 pm

ASWINI: Everything is against you today.  Deadlines, provocations and litigation are on the cards.  But you will tackle everything with will power and achieve success. A day of reckoning. 

BARANI: Your calculations, plans and actions will be successful.  Women colleagues will be of help in the office or in working out business deals. The family will appreciate the fact that you are in good cheer. 

KARTHIGAI: Some obstacles may occur in the execution of your work. Check everything before proceeding with schedules.  A friend offers distraction which becomes obstructive. 

ROHINI: Troubles are foreseen till noon.  The evening will be a time of enjoyment and happiness as you taste success. If you have extended somebody a loan, the money will come back. Drive with care. 

MIRUGASEERSHAM: A day of ups and downs.  Your impulsive actions should be controlled. Your decisions will gain all round acceptance if you present them with precision and politeness.  You will know how to close the deal. 

THIRUVATHIRAI: Take special care of your mother’s health.  Financial help will come from friends and family to help you meet your expenses. Your daily routine will be delayed and work could get postponed to the next day. 

PUNARPOOSAM: Your expectations may run too high today.  Keep a close watch on your deals.  Loss of money is foreseen for some.  The family is immensely supportive. 

POOSAM: Some sort of inner fear could hamper your daily routine. Dismiss it and don’t waver from your plan of action.  Some unexpected events are on the cards. 

AAYILYAM:  A sudden hike in salary is foreseen today.  Those on the verge of moving out of the country can look forward to many changes.   A new assignment may land at your doorstep. 

MAGAM: Expenses may exceed the gains you make today. You may be given to some indecision today.  Don’t let petty issues bother you.  Avoid lavish spending just for appearance’s sake. 

POORAM: You may not be able to complete a task for want of the requisite materials.  Wait a couple of days and proceed.  A piece of happy news for the family is forecast. Parents appreciate the care you provide. 

UTHTHIRAM: Neighbours may be a source of disturbance to your family. Stick to your own path.  Avoid rash driving.  Family support will be available.  You may be given to absent-mindedness. 

HASTHAM: You may have some differences of opinion with elders or superiors at the office.  Avoid heated exchanges of views. Don’t insist upon your ideas being implemented.  Money flow is normal. 

CHITHIRAI: A day of gains and expenses.  You may meet an old friend in the evening.  Parents’ health is good, and this is reassuring news. Curtail your needs.  

SWATHI: Sudden gains will flow in. Neighbours will extend help in your acts of social service.  Expenses will be under control.  There will be social recognition for your philanthropic deeds. 

VISAGAM: You may meet an old friend; he may turn out to be a source of gain for you in the future.  Spend time with the family and friends.  Keep an eye on your expenses. 

ANUSHAM: Enemies may try and sabotage your activities today. Take well thought out decisions.  Maintain discretion regarding all your actions.  Take care when driving. A day of mixed results. 

KETTAI: The work front may show some ebbs and flows.  Your ideas may be implemented in a phased manner.  A good friend offers guidance, indicating what could be the right career path for you.

MOOLAM: Your mother’s health may be uneven.  Be alert when making a commitment.  Think twice before you act.  Your enemies may become active today. 

POORADAM: Your actions beget results and you are fully appreciated for your work.  All round happiness will prevail today.  There may be an exchange of ideas or a property deal may go through. 

UTHRADAM: You may be pressurised into finishing your work on time.  Don’t be distracted.  Beware of an unknown friend from social media, who could land you in trouble. 

THIRUVONAM: Success may be elusive today, but your commitment is appreciated.  Analyse the pros and cons of a failed task and adopt a different approach.  Avoid criticising well-wishers from the past. 

AVITTAM: The first half of the day brings gains; the second half will entail expenses for family. A family get- together brings much happiness. 

SATHAYAM: Take the advice of elders and meet yourYour long-term wish will be fulfilled today, which is to be accepted with thanksgiving. Help from an old person brings blessings. Don’t be distracted in your thinking today. 

PURATAATHI:  Your commitment may come into question today. It’s a day full of joy.  A plan for the future will be successful for the business.  Routine work may take up all your time. 

UTHIRATAATHI: You can expect name and fame today.  Greetings and blessings fill you with joy. Accept the negative elements with grace and try to rectify them to the best of your abilities. 

REVATHI: Don’t make unnecessary changes in schedule.  Today’s work will fetch you a good name with officials or seniors.  Your plan to go out of town for a relaxed break may take place over the week-end.

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