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Your daily predictions May 12, 2016

A daily forecast by astrological researcher G. Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog

Your daily predictions May 12, 2016
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Date: Thursday, May 12, 2016

Yogam: Gantam 

Tamil year: Dhurmukhi 

Karanam: Taithula 

Month & day: Chithirai-29 

Rahukalam: 12 pm to 1.30 pm 

Yamakantam: 6 am to 7.30 am 

Natchatram: Pusam 

Sunrise: 5.48 am 

Thithi: Sashti

Sunset: 6.23 pm

ASWINI: A day full of happiness. Some may get a promotion and a hike in salary. Family bonding is good; some of you may go on a pilgrimage. Kids will shine academically.

BARANI: Fear may prove an obstacle in your progress today. Keep your goal in mind and let other distractions drop away. Avoid impulsive actions. The evening brings good news.

KARTHIGAI: Siblings may disagree on property issues. Long lost friends will renew contact. A change of job is expected. Drive carefully.

ROHINI: Happiness prevails throughout the day. All your work gets completed on time. A government agency may not oblige you if you don’t submit the correct papers.

MIRUGASEERSHAM: You may get a chance to win much name and fame. Some may encounter disturbances in the day’s schedule. Put a curb on unnecessary expenses to do with vehicles and kids. The family is supportive.

THIRUVATHIRAI: A state of confusion prevails in taking decisions on health issues. Some can expect government help in financial aspects. Traders will have a good turnover and gains today.

PUNARPOOSAM: Avoid long distance travel if driving your own vehicle. You may have to incur huge expenditure today. You may postpone meetings till tomorrow. Avoid making any new commitments.

POOSAM: Friends you have not been in touch with will re-enter your circle. You may be attracted to a neighbour. Financial transactions made today are sound.

AAYILYAM: Speculations should be avoided. Don’t lend money; there could be delays in repayment. Avoid entrusting your personal work to others. You need to be cautious today.

MAGAM: There will be huge expenses on the family. Draw up a sound plan to save money and plan for the future. Kids may enjoy an outing today.

POORAM: You will complete the day’s agenda with ease. Your work gets simplified with the help of friends and relatives. Some may attend cultural shows in the evening or meet friends.

UTHTHIRAM: A day of luck and celebration. Some of you may be spending time with good friends. If using a swimming pool, take care of your belongings as there could be some loss. 

HASTHAM: Your actions are good and appreciated by many. Some have health issues today. Check your documents before you leave home to avoid unwanted delays in your work.

CHITHIRAI: Some may be appearing in court regarding legal issues. Decide on the strategy you are going to adopt and get it cleared. Traders can see good turnover on their investments.

SWATHI: Keep your documents on immovable properties carefully. You may be a victim of some forgery today. Have patience and keep your records in order. A day that brings some stress.

VISAGAM: You may be invited to a sumptuous meal. It’s a peaceful day, on the whole, without any hurdles. Some can expect to have friends coming over for a couple of days’ stay.

ANUSHAM: Everything goes well today without any rush. Your mind will be in a relaxed state. Friends will help you out. Those in the IT sector may face some problems at work.

KETTAI: Avoid long distance travel with friends. Don’t get tempted by the share bazaaar. Postpone a meeting if it is not an urgent one. Handle labourers or workers with tact.

MOOLAM: Today’s schedule will keep you fully busy. Some of you may encounter hindrances. Take a break and return to the day’s agenda with a calm mind when new approaches may strike you.

POORADAM: Some of you may face a disturbed situation at the office due to hectic pressures and deals. Devise a way to finish everything on time. You may meet a charming person today. Enjoy the encounter.

UTHRADAM: You may not be able to decide on a plan to go on a pilgrimage. But it is a time to vacation with the family. You have saved towards this; now enjoy the opportunity.

THIRUVONAM: You will have the support of friends and partners in the deals you close and the decisions you take. Complete what you have committed to without recourse to short cuts. A day free of hurdles.

AVITTAM: The evening brings multiple gains. All your efforts at work or in your business will bring success and you can foresee a bright life ahead. The first half of the day may be packed with appointments.

SATHAYAM: Some health issues could crop up. Be forceful in presenting your ideas. Avoid trusting anyone today as some of your projects could get delayed. Take the family’s views on this.

PURATAATHI: You may be spending your savings on the family. Take timely action at work to save yourself delays later. You have to be very careful with your business deals today.

UTHIRATAATHI: There are many occasions for enjoyment today. Your helpfulness will be appreciated. Keep working away to reach your goals; there will be a time when all your efforts and good deeds will be rewarded. 

REVATHI: Spend time with family and kids. Your disturbed mind may be worrisome for them. Keep a tab on your schedule: avert the possibility of any delays. You will not make any more investments in your projects.

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