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Your daily predictions April 25, 2016

Weekly astrological forecast for our readers by noted astrological researcher G. Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog

Your daily predictions April 25, 2016
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Date: Monday, April 25, 2016 

Yogam: Variyan 

Tamil year: Dhurmuki 

Karanam: Vishti  

Month & day: Chithirai-12 

Rahukalam: 7.30 am to 9 am 

Yamakantam: 10.30 am to 12 pm 

Natchatram: Anusham 

Sunrise: 5.54 am 

Thithi: Trithiyai 

Sunset: 6.19 pm

ASWINI: Be mindful of all your thoughts and actions.  Planetary influences are not favourable for taking policy decisions.  Everything will turn negative today. Take care while driving. 

BARANI: The first half of the day is spent in a state of confusion.  But things will settle down by evening. Your spouse will appreciate your tact in handling family issues today.  Kids express affection. 

KARTHIGAI: A good day to make all your decisions go right.  Act on your to-do list, aim for completion of your projects and gain success.  Friends extend help.  Health issues are foreseen.  Avoid getting dehydrated. 

ROHINI: Sudden gains are foreseen. Friends/ relatives/ partners extend help for your venture.  Some misunderstandings will prevail within the family. You may get entrammeled in legal issues. 

MIRUGASEERSHAM: A day of total gains in all ways possible.  Government work is finished on time. You will meet your favourite teacher who counsels you on bettering your career.  Travellers will get their tickets and visa. 

THIRUVATHIRAI: Confusion prevails in the morning, but your strong decisions and style of working will not hamper your schedules today.  March forward with the same attitude.  A friend will approach you for money. 

PUNARPOOSAM: Beware of a friendship, for you may be betrayed today for some reason or the other.  Avoid heated exchanges during discussions.  You will have good news in the evening. Stay alert all day. 

POOSAM: All things planned today will go smoothly without any trouble or hindrance.  Some of you may go on a long trip with friends.  Don’t change your destination at any cost. Proceed as planned. 

AAYILYAM: Expenses are reduced and gains foreseen today.  Your fearless moves and daring decisions could hinder long-term growth.  Change your ways and do good deeds today. 

MAGAM: Sudden changes in your activities are foreseen today.  Pressure mounts on work / business.  Deals will be a nightmare.  The family will support your moves on property deals. It’s a day of mixed results. 

POORAM: You may be drawn to a love interest.  Beware of friends who can damage your image by taking liberties with you.  Have a safe drive today. 

UTHTHIRAM: A friend may pick quarrels with you over petty issues and drift apart.  Don’t brood over this; you may just have to move on.  Success is yours today.  Some of you may see separations in life.  

HASTHAM: Your bold decisions will help you out today, with success ensured in everything you do.  Some may incur expenses on the family.  Businessmen will try to maximise profits from investments made. 

CHITHIRAI: All your deals may pose you some trouble today.  Some of the parties you are dealing with may be adamant.  Relax and take a considered decision without being too smart.  Have a safe drive today. 

SWATHI: Take proper care of all dealings with the government, ensure you have proper documents. You may be rushing around to meet a deadline. It’s a hectic day.  Make your mind calm before you set out.  

VISAGAM: Some of you may find an end to legal issues today.  There could be a new person entering your life.  Traders must watch their transactions carefully.  Women can expect good friends to help them out. 

ANUSHAM: Enemies may be at work today. Don’t give room for suspicion.  This could hamper the day’s agenda.  Family bonding is good. There could be a loss in the family. 

KETTAI: A minor accident is indicated.  Some troubles are foreseen at the workplace. The evening brings good news from the family.  A day of mixed results.

MOOLAM: Heated exchanges may take place between you and your spouse.  Avoid long distance travel today.  Some may encounter problems in their official dealings.  Don’t allow lapses in your commitments. 

POORADAM: All your activities today will meet with success.  Your move to help others will be appreciated. Neighbours will actively pitch in to meet targets you have laid out.  A good day for many. 

UTHRADAM: Financial troubles are foreseen.  Extravagance should be avoided.  You will be unshakable in a decision you have taken.  Help those in distress. 

THIRUVONAM: Before you point a finger at others, reflect on yourself and see if you are responsible for anything that went askew. Find solutions, sort out issues.  Grab opportunities that come your way. 

AVITTAM: A day to be very careful on all your deals.  Avoid arguments with office heads.  Some of you may have to put up with deliberate delays in getting a transfer.  No one person can be blamed for this. 

SATHAYAM: A long pending matter to do with your kuladevatha has to be settled immediately. Your deals will be finalised the way you desire and commitments will be met. 

PURATAATHI: Unwanted pressures could crop up, and new friends at the workplace may have a hand in this. Focus on your area and work out a schedule with the help of good friends. 

UTHIRATAATHI: A long distance call today will influence some life decisions you make.  A day of happiness as all your projects make progress without hindrance. 

REVATHI: Your speciality in taking spontaneous decisions and acting promptly will enable success in all your deals today.  Ignore other people’s comments. The family’s support is ever present.

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