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Your daily predictions March 31, 2016

A daily forecast by astrological researcher Krishnan Balaa, Founder, ASTRO Trust (Astrological Science Teaching and Research Organisation)

Your daily predictions March 31, 2016
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Day: Thursday, 31.3.2016

Thithi: Krishna Paksham Sapthami (till 8.29 am today; thereafter Ashtami)

Nakshatram: Moolam (till 1.23 pm today; thereafter Bharani)

Yogam: Vareeyaan

Karanam: Bhavam

Raghu Kaalam: 1.30 pm to 3 pm

Yema Kantam: 6 am to 7.30 am

Subha Horai: 9 am to 10.30 am; 1 pm to 1.30 pm; 4.30 pm to 7 pm and 8 pm to 9 pm

ASHWINI: Confidence and self-motivation lead to success. Avoid risky ventures. Have reasonable expectations and enjoy the advantages you do have at the moment. 

BHARANI: Prosperity is indicated. Money will come through hard effort. You will enjoy travel, meeting friends, romance and entertainment. 

KARTHIGAI: Avoid travel till 2 pm. Steer clear of arguments and disputes as there is a negative influence at work. Keep harmonious relations with your spouse; a misunder standing is foreseen. You will avail of the opportunities that come with money.

ROHINI: A safe and secure day for health, money and all manner of comforts. There is a likelihood of additional money flow. Take care if travelling; avoid committing to risky enterprises in the evening. 

MRIGASEERISHAM: You may feel that you are up against a wall until noon. The second half of the day will bring success and the results you desire. Health is good. You will experience the contentment that comes from putting in sincere effort. 

ARUDRA: A favourable day for making money transactions. You will discuss a business deal, entertain and meet friends. Travel makes you confident and eager to try your hand at new ventures. 

PUNARVASU: Be careful when travelling or getting into an argument as a negative influence could mar your expectations. Don’t entertain any new proposals made by a stranger. An opponent may try to outdo you. 

POOSAM: You will meet an old friend and spend a good time, catching up on the past. Trade activities will help enhance your income. Heed the advice of knowledgeable people. 

AAYILYAM: Those who want to see you prosper will give you the confidence to put plans into action. Trade, consultancy services and children’s education will keep you busy. Some of you may get a job with the government or private sector. 

MAGHAM: Your efforts will be crowned with success. A negative influence may prevent you from realising the full measure of gains due to you. Take care of your health and visit a temple. 

POORAM: It’s a day when money is assured. You will plan a trip and also make sure you travel in style. You will entertain; romance will be enjoyable. 

UTHTHIRAM: Avoid travelling and getting into disputes as there is a negative influence predicted till noon. Keep patient and avoid quarrels and misunderstandings with your spouse or associates. Money and success will come to you in the evening.

HASTHAM: A safe and happy day for making money and enjoying all the comforts you desire. Your efforts will be whole-hearted and the results very rewarding. Avoid travel, arguments, angry or impulsive reactions and socialising. 

CHITHRA: A negative influence may hinder your efforts until noon. Thereafter you are on even keel. Visit a temple for peace of mind. 

SWATHI: It’s a good time for travel and arriving at a settlement of a dispute. Some of your friends may bring in a proposal on a property deal. Make an effort to be accommodating; keep patient in discussions. 

VISHAKAM: Restrict your travel plans; postpone meeting friends and holding discussions till noon. It’s a time to be patient and await results. The evening brings in money and good times. 

ANUSHAM: Friends’ counsel works in your favour in the morning. Avoid borrowing money or pledging your assets. Don’t entertain any new proposals or sign any fresh agreements.

KETTAI: You will discuss ways to streamline the business and get rid of bottlenecks. People you trust will offer useful suggestions. Keep patient and accept the advice of elders and superiors. Take care of your health and pay attention to children’s academic performance.

MOOLAM: Your confidence will bring in good results. Don’t accept any offers of help from strangers and look out for enemies. Take care of your health and be watchful when making money transactions. 

POORAADAM: It’s a favourable day for money and travel. You will find relief from obstacles and take time to relax. Keep patient in family affairs and maintain cordial relations with your spouse. 

UTHTHIRAADAM: Health needs care and travel plans may have to be reviewed in the first half of the day. Thereafter your efforts will bear fruit. Postpone any new plans or proposals until the evening. 

TIRUVONAM: It’s a favourable day for money transactions and business activities. Travel is easy and health is good. Don’t reveal plans and ideas for the future to all and sundry. 

AVITTAM: A good day at work; money matters may be tricky until noon. Some delays may cause you disappointment. Good results will emerge by the evening when money too is assured. 

SATHAYAM: The morning bodes well for money and success. You will receive favourable news on a disputed matter. You should not entertain nor attend social events in the evening. 

POORATTAADHI: Avoid travelling, meeting friends and engaging in arguments till noon. Postpone your efforts; take care of your health and safety. Gains and good events may transpire in the evening. 

UTHTHIRATTAADHI: A day when the accent is on friendship, support and a trouble-free time. Don’t push your luck or expect too much. It’s a time to enjoy the company of friends. A friend may bring you a proposal that holds promise. 

REVATHY: Supportive friends help you succeed in an  important assignment. Traders, educationists and consultants plan a new strategy for better profits. The family rallies round and you are able to achieve your goals.

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