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Your daily predictions February 10, 2016

A daily forecast by astrological researcher Krishnan Balaa, Founder, ASTRO Trust (Astrological Science Teaching and Research Organisation)

Your daily predictions February 10, 2016
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Today’s  Almanac

Day :  Wednesday, 10.2.2016 

Thithi :  Sukla Paksham Dwithiyai  (till 2.52 pm; thereafter Thiruthiyai);  

Nakshatram :  Sathayam  (till 1.15 pm; thereafter Poorattaadhi)                                                       

Yogam :  Parigam /Sivam; 

Karanam :  Cowlavam/Thaithulam 

Raghu Kaalam :  12 noon to 1.30 pm 

Yema Kantam :  7.30 am to 9 am 

Subha Horai :  9 am to 10 am; 1.30 pm to 3 pm; 4 pm to 5 pm; 7 pm to 10 pm; and 11 pm to 12 am (midnight)

ASHWINI: Don’t take up a risky venture on impulse: hold your horses till noon. The afternoon is conducive to money and other favourable tidings. Visit a temple with your family. 

BHARANI: The forenoon is a good time for making money and striking successful deals. Even enemies move away from trouble making and accord you respect. Keep patient and visit a temple to seek grace and protection against negative influences. 

KARTHIGAI: Keep patient till noon; thereafter luck is in your favour. Your hard work pays off; success is due in the afternoon. Money comes in by the evening and you enjoy romance and outings. 

ROHINI: Put in all the effort you can before noon and success is yours. Your luck favours travel and money. Avoid arguments, anger and disputes in the evening and visit a temple. 

MRIGASEERISHAM: A favourable day. Those handling money matters or machinery, practising agriculture or negotiating on a land deal, will succeed. You will enjoy going on a trip or making a fun evening of it. 

ARUDRA: Your confidence and hope will power your success. Financially, your expectations will be met and you are in a happy and secure place. Avoid arguments and criticising your friends. 

PUNARVASU: Money and success are yours for the asking. Chances of making some additional income, purchasing new property and other good events are forecast today. You will be able to afford all the comforts of life. Your good deeds are appreciated. 

POOSAM: You will escape danger: you will feel grateful and secure. Money will come and successful deals emerge in the evening. It’s a favourable time for negotiating deals on land, a quarry or a vehicle spare part. 

AAYILYAM: A lucky time for you till noon. Any good deeds you initiate will bear a positive result. Keep patient and avoid arguments and travel in the evening.

MAGHAM: It’s advisable to keep patient till noon as a negative influence is foreseen. You will find some favourable changes in the afternoon; financial support is forthcoming. Take care of your health and visit a temple for remedial prayers. 

POORAM: It’s a good and favourable time till noon. You will go on a pleasant journey. Profitable deals and successful negotiations are forecast. Avoid striking deals, getting into arguments or having too many expectations in the evening. 

UTHTHIRAM: Hard work put in the morning will lead to positive tidings in the evening. Politicians and officials will be in command of circumstances around them. Visit a temple. 

HASTHAM: You will get much support from colleagues and friends in the forenoon. Some financial deals turn out profitable. Keep a low profile and visit a temple in the evening. 

CHITHRA: The support of close relatives and friends will further your business. You will enjoy a cordial relationship with your spouse and many moments of success too. A money transaction may be tricky. 

SWATHI: Your confidence will see projects through and bring in money too. Don’t entertain too many unrealistic expectations. You will have a good time with friends in the evening. 

VISHAKAM: It’s a favourable day for hard work, money and success. You will find some relief from existing pressures in family affairs and business activities. Avoid giving surety on others’ behalf. 

ANUSHAM: You will be saved from sudden danger and feel secure. You will be receiving additional money and support that will strengthen your assets. Visit a temple and offer remedial prayers. 

KETTAI: It’s favourable until noon for money and profits. Share market deals and earnings through brokerage hold promise. Avoid major undertakings in the evening and visit a temple. 

MOOLAM: Some negative influences may prevail until noon. Avoid getting into arguments, disputes and quarrels in the evening; try to stay neutral. The afternoon favours money and success. 

POORADAM: Avail of all the good opportunities that come your way in the morning. You may be going in for a purchase of a vehicle or jewellery. Keep patient and avoid romance in the evening 

UTHTHIRAADAM: The money situation holds promise and there will be relief from pressures by the evening. Extend warmth: your spouse needs care and staff will benefit from a supportive approach. Offer prayers early in the morning. 

TIRUVONAM: There is a good chance of making financial gains. Keep business matters confidential. Avoid making promises and holding business meetings in the evening. 

AVITTAM: It’s a favourable day for friends’ support. Money flows in and you will be a part of happy occasions. New assignments, a marriage proposal, the finalisation of an important event are on the cards. 

SATHAYAM: You will make confident progress and achieve many of your goals for the day. Minimise expenses. Pray and offer thanks at a temple. 

POORATTAADHI: The day brings luck: there is money and joyous occasions may result too. You will go on a pleasant trip. Your activities earn you the respect of peers and others. You will undertake a task involving some responsibility which will win you kudos.  

UTHTHIRATTAADHI: Take care when travelling or having a discussion as a negative influence is forecast. Those in business will succeed and money comes in by the afternoon. You will spend a joyful evening with your family and friends. 

REVATHY: A favourable and lucky time will prevail until noon. You will profit from share market deals and consultancy services. Rivals or opponents may be a source of some trouble in the evening.

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