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Your daily predictions February 6, 2016

A daily forecast by astrological researcher Krishnan Balaa, Founder, ASTRO Trust (Astrological Science Teaching and Research Organisation)

Your daily predictions February 6, 2016
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Today’s Almanac:  

Day:  Saturday, 6.2.2016 

Thithi:  Krishna Paksham Triyodhasi (till 12.03 am) 

Nakshatram  :  Pooradam (till 7:25 am; thereafter Uththiraadam) 

Yogam:  Vajram  

Karanam:  Karasai

Raghu Kaalam:  9 am to 10:30 am 

Yema Kantam:  1:30 to 3 pm 

Subha Horai:  7 am to 7:30 am; 10:30 am to 1 pm; 5 pm to 7:30 pm; and 9 pm to 10 pm  

ASHWINI: You need the support of close friends and relatives at a crucial moment. Expenses grow, but no gains today. Not everything you want can be achieved today. 

BHARANI: Having too many goals may have you end up making little progress. You will go on a pleasant journey and enjoy a romantic outing. Doing a good deed could help negate the obstacles in your way. 

KARTHIGAI: A day of good health and security in all respects. Money flows in. Many happy events today will make your day. Romance is on the cards and outings too.

ROHINI: A negative influence could cause some worry. Avoid travel, arguments, anger and unrealistic expectations. Postpone striking a deal; visit a temple. 

MRIGASEERISHAM: Your hard work will be rewarded. Your spouse will co-operate in the smooth running of family affairs. The money situation is stable.

ARUDRA: You will have to travel on work and put in effort though results may be small for the time being. You may have to approach long pending disputes afresh. Take care of your health.

PUNARVASU: It’s a favourable day for money and success. The time is right for taking a decision on important matters. You may have a property matter on your hands that involves some negotiation.

POOSAM: Take care when travelling and handling money. A friend or stranger may hurt you. Avoid anger and disputes.

AAYILYAM: You may be wasting time on a not very worthwhile friendship. The money situation will be manageable. Business prospects are good. A proposal could lead to a promising venture.

MAGHAM: Don’t entertain too many hopes and avoid risks at this stage. You have to depend on a close relative’s advice in family matters. Visit a temple and offer a special prayer. 

POORAM: You will be full of energy to take on opponents. A money transaction will add to your material comforts and success. Your confidence leads to a new turn of events. 

UTHTHIRAM: A favourable day for money. Worthwhile new acquisitions will add to your comforts and assets. A good day for travel and romance.

HASTHAM: Take  care when travelling and avoid disputes. A negative influence will cause you some worry. Stay with your family and avoid disputes or arguments. 

CHITHRA: Your efforts will yield a good result. Money matters give you the freedom and power to plan for the future. You will gain relief from troubles, hospital visits and debts. 

SWATHI: Some important goals may remain unfulfilled. Avoid arguments and romance. You could achieve a benefit through a middleman.

VISHAKAM: It’s a favourable day for trade. The financial situation will help fuel your multiple ambitions. Meeting friends and going out will help you relax. 

ANUSHAM: Beware of a negative result. Maintain good relations with your spouse and family members. Avoid having too many expectations; visiting a temple will help bring in a sense of balance. 

KETTAI: Your friends will play a crucial role in day-to-day affairs. Income from trading, consulting and brokerage will give you sustained gains. Take care of your children’s health and studies. 

MOOLAM: Some pressures ease. Financially, you are ok and can afford to relax. Don’t involve yourself in handling others’ money or mediating in disputes. 

POORADAM: It’s a favourable day. You can look forward to travelling and romance. Government authorities give a green signal in a pending revenue matter. 

UTHTHIRAADAM: A financial transaction goes off smoothly and a deal is successful. You will buy some valuable things, adding to existing assets. Beware of some obstacles in your business affairs. 

TIRUVONAM: Take care if engaging in an argument. Don’t let your words get the better of you. Postpone discussion on deals and business meetings. You may feel a weakening of support from your own people which is a cause for worry. 

AVITTAM: A day free of troubles and worries. A financial transaction or land deal and finalising of pending issues will be achieved today. You may be considering a marriage proposal. 

SATHAYAM: A day that is good for the settlement of disputes and for you to realise where you went wrong. Accept the advice of associates in sorting out money matters. Your hard work will bear fruit soon. 

POORATTAADHI: It’s a good day for taking a decision about auspicious events and fulfilling a money transaction. Some disputes will go in your favour. Your spouse and children give you much happiness. 

UTHTHIRATTAADHI: Avoid over-confidence and limit your expectations. Some apparently close friends may not be friends at all. Watch what you say if an argument turns heated. 

REVATHY: Friends and relatives will support your cause. Your involvement in a trade or a consultancy service proves beneficial.

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