Your daily predictions January 27, 2016

A daily forecast by astrological researcher Krishnan Balaa, Founder, ASTRO Trust (Astrological Science Teaching and Research Organisation)
Your daily predictions January 27, 2016


Today’s  Almanac
Day :  Wednesday, 27.1.2016 
Thithi :  Krishna Paksham Thiruthiyai (till 9:55 am; thereafter Chathurthi)   
Nakshatram :  Pooram (till Thursday 1.57 am)                                                     
Yogam :  Sobhanam 
Karanam :  Paththirai 
Raghu Kaalam :  12 pm (noon) to 1.30 pm 
Yema Kantam :  7.30 am to 9 am 
Subha Horai :  9 am to 10 am; 1.30 pm to 3 pm; 4 pm to 5 pm; 7 pm to 10 pm; and 11 pm to 12 am (midnight)
ASHWINI: Your family may put pressure on you to actively consider a marriage proposal . You will need to put in a lot of work to carry out a transaction. Visit a temple along with your family. 
BHARANI: Friends offer financial support and this could boost your confidence. You will go on a pleasant trip and earn respect from colleagues. You will find relaxation in romance and entertainment. 
KARTHIGAI: Money will come through effort. You will win over your enemies. There will be chances to purchase property. ROHINI: Be confident and vigilant in your driving. Some unexpected events may upset you. Avoid laziness and take care of your health. 
MRIGASEERISHAM: It’s a comfortable day for money and health. You will be relieved from hospital; you could receive a heartening message. Avoid anger and arguments with your spouse.
ARUDRA: Avoid planning a long journey. The hard work you put in may not yield immediate benefits. Matters remain unsettled. Opponents are active and may dishonour you in public. 
PUNARVASU: A favourable day for making money. The atmosphere is not conducive to business deals or success. A property matter could go in your favour. 
POOSAM: Your expectations of a good result may not be fulfilled. A government authority may come up with some false information that you will oppose. Avoid anger and visit a temple. 
AAYILYAM: A friend takes over your duties to bail you out as you undertake something more important. Money that comes in might be used to defray unexpected expenses. Keep cool and avoid getting into an argument. 
MAGHAM: You will participate in a social gathering, reconnect with old friends and feel happy. You will enjoy travelling and plan a long distance trip. Take care of your health and maintain cordial relations with your spouse. 
POORAM: It’s a good and confident day. Your spouse or son will get an assignment that could take her/him to a distant place. You have to manage your financial needs through loans. 
UTHTHIRAM: It’s a favourable day for money matters. You will lord it over your enemies. You will do some good deeds that get public acknowledgement.   
 HASTHAM: Over confidence could cause disappointment. A negative influence is indicated in travel. There could be a dispute or argument. An enmity may surface. Be patient and postpone your efforts to another day. 
CHITHRA: A good and safe day for you. A financial transaction makes you feel secure. A land dispute could benefit you. 
SWATHI: It’s a day of mixed fortunes. Your hard work benefits others more than yourself. Be careful with your belongings while travelling as there is a chance of theft. 
VISHAKAM: It’s a favourable day for health and opening a business discussion. Your financial status is good and fills you with hope. An emissary brings cheering news about outstanding arrears. 
ANUSHAM: You may feel a little disturbed today. Unresolved problems cause stress. Visit a temple; postpone any major efforts for a while. 
KETTAI: Neighbours’ support helps you overcome unforeseen troubles. Trade, consultancy services, the share market and brokerage could turn out favourable. One of your friends may show interest in joining your business. 
MOOLAM: Your fighting spirit will keep troubles away. You will be in a commanding position over opponents. A blessing from a saintly person boosts your confidence.  
POORADAM: You will have the confidence to get past all odds. You will put in all the efforts you can, but there may be no easy solution to a continuing crisis. Visit temples and offer remedial prayers. 
UTHTHIRAADAM: It’s a favourable day for obtaining financial support. Surrender to God’s will. Perform good deeds that benefit the needy. Good times will come. Avoid angry exchanges and arguments with family members. 
TIRUVONAM: Take care of your driving and be vigilant of your staff. Some disappointments and a hot temper may cause stress, which, in turn, affects health. Avoid meetings and social occasions. Visit a temple with your family. 
AVITTAM: A good and lucky day ahead. Money will come through a land deal. Auspicious events, such as a marriage, may be on the cards.      
SATHAYAM: A long journey, a property deal and a temple visit are forecast. Success comes from a media appearance you may have made. Limit your expectations and concentrate on a particular subject that gives you joy and contentment. 
POORATTAADHI: Happy occasions are forecast, a piece of good news arrives, you could take on a new assignment or embark on a proposal. You will need to put in some hard work to earn that promotion. To achieve a goal, you may have to bow to a superior. 
UTHTHIRATTAADHI: There is some trouble or difficulty on the cards. d this could cause pressure. Postpone plans to travel or work hard today. 
REVATHY: You are going to enjoy the company of close friends. You may join a group to visit places nearby for an educational purpose. Some useful advice from scholars could bring gains.

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