Your daily predictions Dec 23, 2015

A daily forecast by astrological researcher Krishnan Balaa, Founder, ASTRO Trust (Astrological Science Teaching and Research Organisation)
Your daily predictions Dec 23, 2015


Today’s Almanac
Day:  Wednesday, December 23,2015 
Thithi:  Sukla Paksham Triyodhasi (till 8:33 pm)  
Nakshatram:  Karthigai (till 2:32 pm) 
Yogam:  Saathyam 
Karanam:  Cowlavam 
Raghu Kaalam:  12.00 noon to 1.30 pm 
Yema Kantam:  7.30 am to 9.00 am 
Subha Horai:  9.00 to 10.00 am; 1.30 to 3.00 pm; 4.00 to 5.00 pm; 7:00 to 10.00 pm; and 11.00 to 12.00 am (midnight)
ASHWINI: You get the support of friends in money matters and in business. Status quo on the financial front. To prevent the malefic position of Ashtama Sani, visit a temple; don’t have major expectations. 
BHARANI: Marital relations are a little uneven. Don’t give in to ego issues; aim to understand the other partner better. Avoid using your own vehicle, adventure trips, gambling and competitions. 
KARTHIGAI: A good day for approaching government officials or banking professionals. Take care of your parents’ health. Your spouse may criticise you for your laziness: the intention is to alert you to staying well. 
ROHINI: A day for money to flow in. Dealings with others go well. It’s a favourable day for the stock market, racing and romance.
MRIGASEERISHAM: Don’t entertain any offers from others. Be warned of an accident. Concentrate on your own duties and avoid extracurricular diversions.
ARUDRA: A happy and confident day. Romance, entertaining, gambling and travelling offer many pleasant moments. A material amount of money comes in.
PUNARVASU: Keep your self-respect; don’t interfere in others’ affairs even as a mediator. It’s advisable to restrict your needs to the minimum and avoid expenditure. It’s a favourable day for education, trade, consultancy and brokerage.
POOSAM: It’s a good for resuming pending matters and taking up new assignments. Disputes get resolved and whatever you were expecting goes in your favour. Enemies pose no threat.
AAYILYAM: An unfavourable day. Be cautious in calculations. Even your financial strength won’t help in preventing some major disappointments.
MAGHAM: Friends’ co-operation relieves some current stress. Your success gives you confidence. Your spouse may surprise you with some good news.
POORAM: Some differences with your romantic interest may turn to greater closeness. Enemies are not on the offensive. You will enjoy a trip in your refurbished vehicle.
UTHTHIRAM: Your business colleagues support your cause and safety. You will find a change in your spouse that benefits everyone. Your confidence enables you to enter into a new deal.
HASTHAM: Money comes in for a major expense. A happy occasion with family members and close friends is forecast. Your expectations are fulfilled and you are happy and confident. 
CHITHRA: Beware of entertaining too many hopes and aiming unrealistically high. An adverse result may upset you today. Keep patient and visit a temple to offer sincere prayers.
SWATHI: You have the funds, but not the requisite experience for a task. Your head is in the clouds and you are not inclined to listen to good counsel. You are alert to the possibility of failure.
VISHAKAM: You spend some time in solitude which is helpful. Your existing hardships disappear and you embark on new endeavours. Some financial support leads you to change your approach to the next proposal. 
ANUSHAM: You will understand the implications of a past mistake as the pressure mounts. Be patient and don’t move any further in acquiring a loan. It’s advised that you visit a temple and offer prayers in propitiation.
KETTAI: Your awareness of a problem helps you solve it in a relaxed manner. There could be a disappointment or negative result; don’t take any risks at the moment.
MOOLAM: You could meet a saintly person who bestows a blessing on you. Reducing expenditure on entertainment will save the day. Don’t be careless; be aware of hardships on account of Ashtama Sani. 
POORADAM: Your moods are in a state of flux. Beware of harsh exchanges with your spouse. Be patient and listen to your family members and close friends.  
UTHTHIRAADAM: Be aware of Sathe Sani and Ashtama Guru; extra care needs to be taken. Your own judgement of a matter may be flawed; the result may not be as expected. Take counsel from spiritual advisors and a good consultant.
TIRUVONAM: The day brings a good turn of events. There could be some unexpected money that comes in, helping you take a decision about a piece of property. Perform your duty confidently.
AVITTAM: Be careful in handling finances and taking the wheel. An important deal is in some jeopardy. Take care of your health and be patient. 
SATHAYAM: A day full of delights and hopes fulfilled. You will enjoy yourself with friends. Don’t expect much from a current romance.
POORATTAADHI: An unwanted incident is highlighted. Avoid travel and meeting people who are spoiling for a fight or argument. Visit a temple and offer prayers.
UTHTHIRATTAADHI: Your own determination helps to see your endeavours through. Opponents offer covert support, and that is indeed a stroke of luck. There could be a delay in the coming of a promotion or money due to you.
REVATHY: Plans don’t work out today. Avoid debates or meetings. Take care of your spouse’s health.

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