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Your daily predictions- 27th Nov 2015

A daily forecast by astrological researcher Krishnan Balaa, Founder, ASTRO Trust (Astrological Science Teaching and Research Organisation)

Your daily predictions- 27th Nov 2015
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Today’s Almanac
Thithi : Krishna Paksha Dwithiyai till 11.30 pm 
Nakshatram : Mrigaseerisham till November 28, 2.30 am
Yogam : Siddhi 
Karanam : Thaithula 
Raghu Kaalam : 10.30 am to 12 noon
Yema Kandam : 3 pm to 4.30 pm
Subha Horai : 6 am to 8 am; 1 pm to 2 pm; 5 pm to 6 pm; 4 pm to 6 pm and 8 pm to 10 pm
ASWINI: This will be a good day; no negative events are indicated. You could take up fresh assignments. Postpone spending for a while. 
BHARANI: Money may come in, but there could be urgent expenses too. You may have arguments with your spouse; some family pressures are indicated. Don’t use your own vehicle.
KARTHIGA: You will be able to retain a sense of calm and confidence by visiting temples. A land matter that did not get sorted out now crops up again. Good tidings are forecast for government and private sector employees.
ROHINI: Friends will invite you over for a celebration. Any social service you do will enhance your image. Don’t interfere in others’ matters.
MRIGASEERISHAM: It’s a favourable day for land dealings. You will emerge gracefully out of any recent turmoil that you may have experienced. Your colleagues may feel jealous of your success.
ARUDRA: Elders support your needs and expectations. A deal is struck and there is the possibility a new source of income. Curtail the hard work you have been doing and visit temples for peace of mind.
PUNARVASU: Take care when travelling. You will receive help from close friends. Some gains are likely through your business dealings. 
POOSAM: You may disagree with your spouse on a family matter. There could be a money crunch which makes you disheartened. Taking a bold and quick decision puts you in command of things.
AAYILYAM: A happy and successful day ahead. Money will come in. A visit to an educational institute offers you a new platform.
MAGHAM: A favourable day ahead. The hurdles in your life remain. A legal matter goes in your favour. 
POORAM: A troublesome day ahead; don’t lose confidence. Patience has its rewards; avoid holding any enmity against people you know. A misunderstanding with your spouse is likely; so don’t spoil for a fight.
UTHTHIRAM: A day of moderate luck and some problems to resolve. Long pending issues will need to be disposed of. There will be expenses, but it relieves some of the pressure you are experiencing.
HASTHAM: You get help to pay back your debts. Your spouse is supportive and in the mood for a celebration. Money will come through a loan.
CHITHRA: You are in a confident mood. A lot of pending work needs your attention. A challenging task lies ahead.
SWATHI: A friend or relative becomes a source of good tidings today. You have to be patient in the existing situation. Avoid making plans to undertake new projects.
VISHAKAM: Patience brings rewards. Don’t get into arguments with your subordinates or spouse. If the financial situation has been strained, you will find it improving today. Avoid arguments, particularly with bank officials. 
ANUSHAM: Your desires override your current financial capability. Be patient with your family and colleagues. Avoid borrowing money to settle debts.
KETTAI: Be sensible: avoid trouble and do not succumb to pressure. You profit through a brokerage and consultation. Avoid alcohol as a stress reliever: visit temples to feel confident and at peace.
MOOLAM: This remains a tough period when hopes and desires remain unfulfilled. Don’t get into any further debt and don’t pledge your property under duress. Your patience will be rewarded and visiting temples brings a measure of peace.
POORADAM: Good gains are indicated today, but they may not tide you over the current financial stalemate. Avoid borrowing money; reduce your needs.
UTHTHIRAADAM: There will be some relief from the current stress you are going through. Your friends are supportive and help resolve your problems. Try not to indulge in too many expenses.
TIRUVONAM: You will try hard to work out all that is vexing you at the moment. Others’ advice may not help now, but may come in handy later. Patience is the need of the hour.
AVITTAM: A new environment boosts your confidence. The evening brings happy and relaxed moments. Avoid travel involving risk or adventure. 
SATHAYAM: Gainful discussions and assignments are foreseen. Money will come in and fulfil expectations. You will enjoy happiness at home.
POORATTAADHI: You will make gains through a bank or through your spouse’s family. A new assignment in business or trade is foreseen. Avoid too many recreational activities. 
UTHTHIRATTAADHI: Avoid indulging in punting or betting at the stock market. You face some stress and some frustration. Practise patience; work to gain peace of mind.
REVATHY: Don’t expect more favours from close friends. Brokers and consultants make moderate gains. Some financial problems are ahead.

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