Own up mistakes in tackling Covid: Expert asks Kerala CM

Former WHO health expert S.S. Lal on Wednesday asked the Pinarayi Vijayan government to accept the mistakes committed in tackling the Covid pandemic and to take the corrective path now.
Own up mistakes in tackling Covid: Expert asks Kerala CM
Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan (File Photo)


The situation of Covid in Kerala, despite observing strict protocols, continues to be grim as it has the highest number of daily cases and active cases and also has a sizeable number of deaths. 
Lal, a Congress candidate who lost the April 6 Assembly polls, is also an acclaimed health professional. On Wednesday, he said the Covid pandemic, which has been raging since January last year, has caught many governments napping. 
"To make a mistake is natural, but Kerala government behaves that they have not erred and that is the biggest mistake and the need of the hour is to take corrective steps," said Lal. 
"What's baffling is the advisors to the government with regards to handling the pandemic appear to have gone haywire and one reason why this has happened is the real health experts who should be taken into confidence are not being consulted and advice is taken from those who have no clue. This is landing the government into trouble," added Lal. 
He said initially the government blamed the returning diaspora. 
"Every time the government came out with new rules, a section was there which was trying to correct the wrong, but they were admonished and there were those who batted for the government. Later, when it surfaced that the strategy was wrong, the government was trying to defend its wrong," said Lal. 
Lal pointed out that the present strategy to open shops on Monday, Wednesday and Friday has turned out to be a big flop as on these days, there were huge crowds in front of shops and establishments. 
"Gone are the days of never ending lockdowns as the economy has to move on and only if there is activity will the people be able to move forward. So immediate corrective steps have to be taken,"  said Lal.

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