Techie on hacking spree injures 22, shot dead

A 26-year-old ‘mentally depressed’ software engineer went on a rampage as he attacked people on the street with a sword and severely injured as many as six persons, including his parents and two policemen, before being fatally shot by police
Techie on hacking spree injures 22, shot dead


Balvinder Singh alias Babloo, resident of Laxmi Nagar locality of Karimnagar town, was undergoing treatment for mental depression and other psychological problems following his failure in the civil services examination recently, said Deputy Superintendent of Police J Rama Rao. 
An employee with an MNC  IT firm in Bengaluru, Balvinder was staying with his parents for the past one month and undergoing treatment. “This morning, he attacked his parents with a sword. Thereafter, he came out on the street and started attacking people aimlessly. He also attacked two police constables. Sensing the danger, police inspector Vijay Sarathi shot him,” Rama Rao said. 
After being informed about Balvinder’s violent turn, police rushed to the spot in a van and tried to overpower him. An eyewitness said that Balvinder also injured himself with the sword. “Balvinder attacked a constable and tried to strike him with the sword. He was shot and then taken to the government hospital. He died there. Initial information says that six persons were injured by him,” the DSP said. 
“His mother is recovering though she is not able to talk to anybody at the moment. His father is severely injured. We will be able to get more details only when they talk,’’ Subba Rayudu said.

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