RJ Balaji is all set for Naalanna Murukku podcast

RJ Balaji is all set to host weekly podcast sessions for the popular music app Spotify that will begin on Monday.
RJ Balaji is all set for Naalanna Murukku podcast
RJ Balaji


Having hosted several shows, the director-RJ’s fun-filled shows in the last decade are still refreshing and even thought-provoking. Tell Balaji this and he laughs, “You make me feel like I have been a radio-jockey forever. This happened with Atharvaa too. While we were shooting for a movie, he came up to me and said that he has been listening to my shows since he was in school. I was like ‘ennadhu? School ah?” He also talks about the upside of it and says that he is glad that people across generations have related to his work. “What I speak today should make sense even after 15 years. That was the first thing I was taught before I started my career as an RJ. When I see a college-kid telling me that he liked a show like Crosstalk and a 35-year-old person telling me the same, I am convinced with what I have been doing,” he adds. Balaji says that his upcoming podcast for Spotify is titled Naalanna Murukku (25 paise Murukku). “This will be a weekly show on positive things and mostly things that go unnoticed around us. I am not cashing in on the situation and making a fun podcast around it. For example, I would discuss about pesticides in fruits or how seedless grapes are harmful. These are an example of topics you would listen in Naalanna Murukku,” he opens up. 
People have started consuming content that are not over 10 minutes lately. Patience levels have come down and couldn’t be compared with what it was when Balaji started his career as an RJ. “ I agree it has. I take up a project only when I believe that I can make people intrigued. Not only with Naalanna Murukku. Even with Crosstalk or LKG or Mookutthi Amman, I wrote content in a way that people do not get bored of what I want to tell them. I want my content to be spoken about for the next 20 years atleast,” says Balaji. On the workfront there have been speculations on his upcoming projects with director Raam and other production houses. “These are being speculated on social media. I haven’t made any of my projects official yet. Apart from Raam, I have also listened to narrations from other directors. I have a few scripts ready as well. Let us wait for the world to get better first,” he concludes.

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