Tarot - On the cards

As the August challenge for money is on till 15, this week there are more switchwords that will cover many aspects of life. This is for the month of August. Do them and see what results you get. Chant them a minimum of 28 times and the upper limit is any amount that you want. If you don’t want to chant, you can write them down on paper with a blue pen and do that diligently throughout this month.
Tarot - On the cards


CRYSTAL-COUNT-FIND- OIL. This is the one to be done for finances | DIVINE- VENUS-LOVE-HOLE-BEGIN-NOW. This is to find a good spouse or love | GIVE- DIVINE-COUNT-GET- PERSONAL. This is to harmonise household family challenges | CRYSTAL- CROWD-UP-LIMIT- GUARD-Amoeba. This is to harmonise parent/ child experience | CRYSTAL-CHANGE-DIVINE-ALONE-TOGETHER. This for all physical/ mental challenges.
This is a set of switchwords to be done right through till September. Also given here are some Divine Codes to be written daily. You can write them on the left side of your body with a blue pen or on paper again with a blue pen.
33 96 815 - For well-being | 11 33 517 - To balance energies | 03 05 791 - Everything to happen for the best | 96 81 257 - For a windfall | 06 11 507 - To achieve harmony in all things | 56 57 893 - To experience unconditional love | 08 11 215 - All planets to be aligned and be favorable
Aries (20 March – 20 April)
For those born under the sign of Aries, good tidings can be expected especially if it concerns family life. There are likely to be celebratory announcements and occasions that will bring families together and emphasise the importance of this very backbone of our lives. The Ten of Cups brings harmony and joy within families and friends circles while the King of Cups shows the kind of authority the men in the family will have. Sometimes, it is needed to steer the lot through confusing times and men tend to do that with a lot of logic and firmness. The womanly intuitive power is extremely important no doubt but there is a place for it when it comes to dealing with emotions and feelings.
Taurus (20 April – 21 May)
Taureans will feel a lack of things - in the metaphysical as well as in the physical world. But this is an illusion the mind is playing on you because if you have boxes to tick it will be all there. So the frustration that you feel about completion and fulfillment is an internal dissatisfaction that can only be solved by looking inwards — and that can only come about when you sit in silence and get to know the world within. All the answers you seek is with you and you will have to look deep inside bringing you the joy and happiness you are seeking. The Nine of Swords shows this sense of being incomplete despite having everything one is supposed to have.
Gemini (21 May – 21 June)
In the case of Geminis, this is a time when the female energy will be in full force. Right after the new moon the way that pervades everything will become evident with the passing days. The Queen of Swords shows a distinct aptitude for clear thinking and leadership qualities and many will depend on you for and advice when it comes to making important decisions. While that is so in a relationship or in a marriage this can feel like it is getting out of hand for the male partner who will feel that he is being dominated. The Devil is a card that brings to fore the boundaries of bondage or bonding. Some might feel good about it while many will feel claustrophobic and wanting to tear out of a stifling association.
Cancer (21 June – 23 July)
If you are waiting to get offers from overseas and contracts and work opportunities this week will see it coming close to a conclusion. The Two of Wands shows that ambitions and visions come hand in hand and are actually waiting to fructify. What is really nice is that you will be wanted, wooed and made to feel special along with the announcement of a good pay package or compensation making the entire thing very worthwhile. The Six of Cups is indicative of the interest in you as a professional and there could also be avenues for those singles to find partners at places far from your current home. Crossing the seas seems to be a surety and this will be something you have been waiting and looking forward to concluding.
Leo (23 July – 23 August)
Many are the dreams and visions you had and have for yourself which you feel you are yet to experience and enjoy. The Eight of Wands brings this element of your thoughts forward as you reflect on the things you think you ought to be doing and achieving. However, with the appearance of the card the fool it counters this by making you feel that right now you are doing nothing much and to the world, you appear to be carefree and footloose. You know the truth but that is not what you want the world to see. You would much rather it saw you as someone burdened by the responsibilities and power that you carry and not the carefree person they think you are. Maybe it is time to read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.
Virgo (23 August –  23 September)
Two things bother Virgos at this point — money and feeling trapped in certain relationships. Both are energies of your own making because if it is relationships you have tied yourself into knots and that is also making you not see that nothing is actually holding you back. The Eight of Swords brings about this feeling of claustrophobia and the Four of Pentacles combines with it bringing about a bit of a myopic outlook —  is the fact that while money is not really an issue for you are thinking tremendously from a place of want and that makes even having a ton of it not adequate. That makes you engage in a thought process that does not settle on what is the best course of action and the place of investment for you.
Libra (23 September – 23 October)
The Three of Wands shows a distinct looking outside of your familiar environment to be able to grow into a powerful, strong and influential person. This card combines with the Nine of Pentacles showing money power and a strong presence in the world of finance and moving up the ladder to make yourself a force to contend with. This week will show you glimpses of what you can do and how you can influence outcomes when it comes to financial matters. The only thing is that this is the potential but how much of it will you actually harness to make this come true? That is entirely in your hands and the consistency you show when it comes to following through and taking it to its logical conclusion.
Scorpio (23 October –  22 November)
A joint venture, renewed wows of partnerships both of the official as well as the personal kind, will be uppermost this week. The Lovers card shows building and consolidating important associations as well as moving forward with work-related goals will get a lot of attention and rightly so. The time is very good for emphasising on the importance of the people in your life and also look at the big picture of what needs to be achieved on the work front. The Ace of Cups augurs well for a rise in status at the place of work and you will achieve a good level of cooperation from co-workers and colleagues.
Sagittarius (22 November – 22 December)
There is going to be a big change ahead of you and it has a lot to do with new directions and places that will give you unique experiences. The Tower brings about the death of the old and the birth of the new, while the Knight of Cups will take you in directions that will bring out new facets of your personality and the way work will shape up in the coming days. It also indicates some sort of change that you did not anticipate because the foundations upon which you lived your life till now will be different. This will also take some time to get used to because while change is good, it will also push you out of your comfort zone.
Capricorn (22 December – 20 January)
Wisdom and scholarship combine to present you with a set of circumstances that bring you a lot of financial rewards. The Eight of Pentacles shows the kind of hard committed work you do and for that the rewards are certain. And The High Priestess will ensure that the money you earn will be well spent and with an eye on the future and security. The High Priestess shows that study and furthering professional excellence will bring a great many opportunities to shine in the field you have chosen and be the one to look up to when there is a need for an expert opinion. The Divine Goddess is looking out for you in your academic endeavours.

Aquarius (20 January – 18 February)
All plans that you have made and continue to make for happy comfortable home life, is now taking shape in the best possible manner. The Three of Pentacles brings with it great planning and ideas for the future; while the Four of Wands shows the outcome of a good home with all good things for fulfillment and happiness. Therefore those setting up homes or houses will do well in this period and can see all their plans take shape right before their eyes. The Three of Pentacles also augurs well for the cautious side of personalities and bring with it careful consideration while spending and allocating the right amount of funds for the best part of homebuilding.
Pisces (18 February – 20 March)
It would seem that you are at odds with almost everything that is dear to you. That means relationships, work, friendships and anything you consider important in your life now.  The Seven of Cups augurs expectations that do not match that of those around you and that will bring about disappointment and dejection if you don’t watch out for your own reactions. The Five of Wands shows the odds you are with those who are central to your life. Arguments, dissent and hostility are part of your week, where you will feel let down and that you are battling for the basic things in life. At a time like this, it is best to stay calm and look at everything in a detached manner.

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