From clowning around to Kollywood

Madurai girl Maya S Krishnan has several feathers in her cap. She is a resident actor with theatre groups — Evam and Perch, and the hospital clowning program, where she plays a clown doctor twice a week at various hospitals in the city. The 22-year-old is currently travelling across the country with the highly acclaimed play Kira Kozhambu.
From clowning around to Kollywood
Maya S Krishnan


In a candid chat with us, she talks about her journey and how she manages to shine in all the mediums. The play, Kira Kozhambu staged by Perch, was well-received by theatre enthusiasts across the country and the team has performed 42 shows in just a couple of months. 
“The 45-minute story-telling performance in Tamil is based on the folk tales by legendary Ki. Rajanarayanan. The play is very simple and humorous in content and can engage both children and adults alike. The performers will take you on a wild journey through a kaleidoscope of stories featuring a self-important eagle, a confused chicken and a lucky snake among others. The play received a lot of appreciation from theatre enthusiasts across the country,” says the young theatre artist. 
Though she loves to be on stage, Maya considers the hospital clowning programme close to her heart and likes it when people call her a clown doctor. 
“I can’t be emotional while playing a clown. That will contradict the purpose. It is fulfilling to see the happiness on the faces of patients,” she shares. It was her acting chops that paved her way to film industry and she is awaiting the release of two films  — 2.0 and Dhruva Nat chathiram. 
“I am waiting for their release. Though I am receiving a few offers, most of them are stereotyped, which I am clearly not interested,” she says. Shifting between both the mediums challenge the youngster and she enjoys it. 
“I want my act to inspire someone who watches it and make them relate and connect with me. Well, you know the applause is addictive,” she grins. Maya isn’t bothered about the road ahead. “I have a lot to look forward to. When you do something close to your heart, you will never realise how time flies,” she concludes.

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