Pawsome Pets: Blu is the warmest pupper

Multi-lingual actress Pranitha Subhash chats with us excitedly about the best person in her life
Actress Pranitha Subhash with her husky
Actress Pranitha Subhash with her husky


Pranitha opened the front door of her home in Bengaluru — she was on the way to drop her uncle at the airport. That’s when she noticed a basket outside and from it emerged Blu, the Siberian Husky puppy who’s now taken over her life!
“I’d always wanted a dog but I never expected my friends to surprise me with this one,” she laughs. Initially, he was just a round, white furball so the actress thought he was a Pomeranian puppy with light eyes, “It was only when we took him to a veterinarian that he found out he was a white husky!” 
His stares up with one blue and one brown eye from the pictures on Pranitha’s Instagram profile, but Blu has his own page and fan-following too! “Not just on social media, even people on the streets stop to talk to him and take pictures. Now huskies have become quite common — many actors I know own this breed, though I don’t know what’s with the fascination — but some are yet to get used to it,” she says.
But isn’t it difficult to care for a dog that’s meant to be in sub-zero temperatures, in India, where mercury during summers soars? “I am not an expert in the subject but from what I can see, Blu is very happy. He’s quite content roaming around during the day. My grandfather built our house long ago in such a way that it has a lot of open space and plants around, so Blu is happy exploring some corner of it every day,” she clarifies. It also helps that he was not imported, but is a third-generation puppy bred in India.
He laps up a lot of water to keep himself cool, and enjoys napping in an air-conditioned room at night, but during the day, the one-year-old Blu is busy entertaining everyone around him. “He’s a really smart dog, so smart that he’s learnt to open doors!” Pranitha cracks up. “It’s because of his social nature and ability to mingle with everyone that I’m not worried to leave him when I go on shoots. Right from our family friends to delivery boys, he just wants to jump up on everyone and say hello! 
“Everyone including my grandmother shares a unique relationship with him — she feeds him chapati occasionally but he just runs into the garden and hides them. He’s pretty clear about his diet preferences; he wants only non-vegetarian food,” she adds. He sounds like quite a handful but we’re sure that the family is glad to have him around!

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