Celeb Chef: Isha Talwar says, ‘Nothing like bread and butter’

Actress Isha Talwar in a quick chat shares her food and cooking tales with us
Celeb Chef: Isha Talwar says, ‘Nothing like bread and butter’
Isha Talwar


* FAVOURITE DISH: Puttu with kadala curry, pulissery and rajma-chawal. 
* FIRST DISH I MADE: Paneer. I was 10 years old and my mother says it was not a bad start at all. 
* COOKING DISASTER: Haha! Just a month ago, I made dal rice and paneer on my own. I handled a pressure cooker for the first time. I had to YouTube ‘how to handle a pressure cooker’. It was quite an experience. I was weary all along that it might blow up and stayed 100m away from the cooker. But I must say the food was quite alright, although I need more practice. 
* COMFORT FOOD: There’s nothing like bread and butter. 
* RATE YOURSELF: I would rate myself a 5/10 at the moment because I’m a beginner. But I can’t wait to explore the cooking world because I love food. 
* FAVOURITE FOOD DESTINATION: Havelock Island, Andamans. They feed you with a lot of love and vegetarian food is not looked down upon. They had some fabulous dishes like brinjal in curd, something that I’ve never eaten.

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