Soon-to-be bride gets Rapunzel-esque change

Straight, sleek and stylish hair has always been a favourite among girls. Be it a party, wedding or just a plain office look, straight hairstyles are always the go to option. Keeping this in mind, Green Trends has put together a stylish and chic look to complement every occasion.
Soon-to-be bride gets Rapunzel-esque change
Photo: Sri Lakshman S


Our client, Samyuktha, an IT professional, had curly and unruly yet thick hair and a beautiful oval face. To tackle her frizzy hair, she wanted a complete makeover. 
Once the style expert checked the client’s hair texture and density, he adopted the straightening technique to give her the magical transformation. The process was simple and straightforward with the best products from the salon. 
To add to her natural features and enhance the makeover, our style expert gave the client a feather cut in front to accentuate her oval face and a straight cut at the back to highlight the natural length and volume of the hair. 
Once the styling was over, the client’s hair length increased substantially and turned stunningly glossy. The style expert also added some serum, which not only keeps the hair healthy, but also helps the individual in maintaining the overall look for a longer duration. 
While the process took few hours to complete, the result was fascinating. The style expert transformed the client’s simple look into something classy and elegant. During the post-styling consultation, the expert suggested a few home care services which included shampoo, masque and serum to maintain the look for a longer period. Samyuktha, who is also a soon-to-be bride, was visibly happy with her new look beaming with confidence. 
Want a stunning makeover? 
To get a free makeover and get featured in this column, write in to us at makeover. with a photograph. After consulting with the stylist, our team will contact you, and you’ll soon get the new look you’ve always dreamt about. Disclaimer: Selection is at the discretion of the stylists at the salon, and not the DTNext team.
— The makeover was carried out at an outlet of Green Trends Unisex Salon and Spa. 

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