Your daily predictions December 24, 2016

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Your daily predictions December 24, 2016
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Date: Saturday, December 24, 2016 
Yogam: Athithi 
Tamil year: Dhurmuki 
Karanam: Bhavam 
Month & day: Margazhi-09 
Rahukalam: 9-10.30 am 
Yamakantam: 1.30-3 pm 
Natchatram: Swathi 
Sunrise: 6.30 am 
Sunset: 5.45 pm
ASWINI: Your work will be honoured at the right time. Be very careful with your dealings today. Try to mingle with colleagues, friends and family. 
BARANI: Try to finish your already set works by at least re-scheduling your appointments. Things might turn opposite for you today. Some might try to provoke you, but do not get tensed.   
KARTHIGAI: You might see gain in your business dealings today. Meeting with dealers or traders will turn positive and will result in good terms. Drive carefully. Things might turn totally favourable for you.  
ROHINI: Some might seek government help for the time being. You may look like absent minded today but start proceeding with your regular works.  
MIRUGASEERSHAM: Enjoy to the core with family and friends today.  Children would enjoy your presence at home and would be a time of celebration for you. Your set promises to family members will be completed today.   
THIRUVATHIRAI: Things that are done on time will make you happy. Some can foresee double revenue on their business dealings today. Your happiness will double. New and good news will pour in today.   
PUNARPOOSAM: Remove unwanted and troublesome friends from life and proceed with your own way of living. Things which are hurdles will be sorted out today.  
POOSAM: Expenses are foreseen today. Some might ask for a loan at work. Family members will be happy, while some would face troubled with parent’s healthy conditions.   
AAYILYAM: Proceed only with your scheduled appointments today. Never try to provoke others. Some might be pushed to a situation to relocate.  
MAGAM: Take help of co-workers or neighbours to finish your today’s targets as promised. Some can foresee troubles from siblings. Deviation of thoughts might disturb your work today. Bonding with your family will create a peaceful atmosphere around you. 
POORAM: Avoid heated arguments with family or friends. Give right advice and help your friends when they are in need. Take care while driving. 
UTHTHIRAM: Do not take advices from friends go with your family member’s suggestions. Things will work out fast.  Confusion might prevail in taking a concrete decision for your plans.  
HASTHAM: Some might have to go on short trips to foreign for business or family visits. Family members will support you to maximum end and will be with you. Some can foresee sudden financial gains and savings will increase.   
CHITHIRAI: Your scheduled meeting should go well. Family members would support you. Expenses are foreseen. A day of mixed results.   
SWATHI: Keep calm and execute the things today without any second thoughts. Things will become normal by evening. Never change your decisions due to pressure from others. Spend some quality time with friends to discuss future dealings. 
VISAGAM: For some people their daily schedules might be delayed. Keep away from fears about your future life, live for today. All things might turn favourable for your but also keep in mind that it would take time to finish.  
ANUSHAM: Good marriage alliance might come on your way. Your decision should be strong and things might turn favourable for you today. Some might delay your work even though you had plenty of time today. 
KETTAI: Keep a track of your belongings wherever you go.  Take care of the requirements of your spouse, which is necessary. Too much  of expenses might be foreseen today. Kids would enjoy your presence.
MOOLAM: Never be harsh with co-workers or labours. Never deviate yourself from anything. Gains will be foreseen today from all sides. Keep up to your commitments.
POORADAM: Spend time with your family and relatives. This would have a good effect on family. Prepare to welcome house guests. Some might have trouble in health-related issues.
UTHRADAM: Never accumulate pressures, which might lead to stress. Family bonding will be good today. Change is advisable. Take a break and go on a pilgrimage tour with family. 
THIRUVONAM: Siblings will be helpful to you at times. Your move on property matters would be appreciated and recognised by all. Concentrate on your health.
AVITTAM: Try to concentrate only on your subjective issues. Never worry about kid’s education, which anyway would end in success.  Dilemma situation will prevail today.  
SATHAYAM: Never argue, which ends will end in misunderstanding. Parental support will be there to guide and help you. Keep track of your belongings and materials. Accept your fault. 
PURATAATHI: Avoid unnecessary talk and never discuss anything which you are unaware off. Family love will be there for you the entire day to support you. Some would try to cross verify your work with co-workers.  
UTHIRATAATHI: Some might face to much expenses. Some would seek government help without any hindrance. Some would have to change their decisions which will make work easy.
REVATHI: While income and expenditure are high, plan for steady income future. Some can expect change of job soon. Decisions can be put on hold for a day’s time. Drive carefully.

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