Your daily predictions December 17, 2016

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Your daily predictions December 17, 2016
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Date: Saturday, December 17, 2016 
Yogam: Mahendram 
Tamil year: Dhurmuki 
Karanam: Bhavam 
Month & day: Margazhi-2 
Rahukalam: 9.00-10.30 am 
Yamakantam: 1.30-3.00 pm 
Natchatram: Pusam 
Sunrise: 6.25 am 
Thithi: Chathurthi  
Sunset: 5.41 pm
ASWINI: A short pilgrimage would establish better understanding between couples. Kids would be supportive of the pilgrimage. You cannot avoid money spent by spouse on various expenses.   
BARANI: Finish the work on time. You will have additional work pressure till you leave office. The entry of a new girl / woman in family / friends circle is foreseen. Accept and make an effort to get along.   
KARTHIGAI: Don’t make strangers privy to your work / business. Keep a close watch on all your belongings, as theft is foreseen. Your strong willpower will help you through the day. Spend some time with family today. 
ROHINI: Your gains would be doubled in the near future. Financial stability is foreseen with no loss. Don’t fret over incidents. Put the past behind you. Instead, plan for the future starting today.   
MIRUGASEERSHAM: A great day to rejoice. Things would work out very well. You will succeed in getting your proposal approved today after the meeting. A day of double gains for all the efforts you put in.   
THIRUVATHIRAI: You will get an excellent deal, which fetches you good name and fame. Don’t argue with anyone today. Make a wise decision for your future benefit. Don’t miss the golden opportunity being offered to you. 
PUNARPOOSAM: You have no other choice but to put up the funds for the material. However, it’s all for your family and don’t worry about the expenses. Your commitment and your efforts would be appreciated.   
POOSAM: Don’t bother about expenses. Gains would double today. Don’t lose your cool with your labourers. Some have the opportunity to change their scheduled work and take up new assignments on priority basis.   
AAYILYAM: Evening would be time for dining with family. Sudden changes would make you tense today.  Sit and work out your plan. Take the help of partners / colleagues and met the target before end of duty.   
MAGAM: Betterment is on the way and would reach you at the right time. Concentration is required while you drive with family. Don’t be harsh today at work place. Be calm and proceed with your works.   
POORAM: Mother’s health would be a concern today. Keep your contacts updated / refreshed.  Have good food today. Don’t give room to second thoughts. Whatever you decide is final and good today. 
UTHTHIRAM: Some could meet up friends and relatives at a faraway place and discuss future action plans. Family bonding is good today. Unnecessary distraction would disturb the whole day.  
HASTHAM: If you are a businessman, take it granted you will get double gains today. Party / outing should be avoided today. Your timely support to younger siblings would be much appreciated today.   
CHITHIRAI: Grab the opportunity and coast along. Finish your work on time and get benefitted. A day of luck / opportunity.  Someone is there to help you out today. It could be financial or material help.   
SWATHI: Control your ego and stay within your means. However, you would be appreciated for spending on good causes. But it will be of no use in future. Avoid lavishness today.   
VISAGAM: Avoid going on a tour. Have a clear idea of your work / business and deal accordingly. Expenses are foreseen, but you get good returns too. Relatives would visit you and enquire about health and family.   
ANUSHAM: Some would have to face hurdles from labourers and workers. Traders face difficulties in selling their products. Karma plays a vital role today in your life. Things would be resolved shortly. 
KETTAI: Stay true to yourself today. Distraction would lead to difficulties today. Do your duty in your own way and succeeded without hurdles. Don’t change your mind based on other’s opinion.   
MOOLAM: A great day to show your talent and power to your friends and families that you are the right person for the job. Your right move will remove all the hurdles put before you. Everything will be successful today.   
POORADAM: Control your emotions today. Take care while riding your two-wheeler. Neighbours would pester you over some social issues. Quarrel among family members over petty issues is also foreseen.   
UTHRADAM: Chalk out the action plan today and get it approved by your superior today. Don’t give room to second thoughts today. Things would get delayed or you could lose the best opportunity in life.   
THRUVONAM: Increase your punya karma by donations to charitable trusts or the poor. Receive blessings from elder people and make the day energetic. A day to extend help to all people out of your pocket.  
AVITTAM: Some would receive help from friends and relatives. Gains foreseen for all your deals today. Proceed with a planned meeting for upgrades. Family bonding is good. Amicable situations foreseen. 
SATHAYAM: Double check attachments, and try and succeed as all work will get delayed due to government intervention / improper documentations. Kids love is good and abundant.  
PURATAATHI: You must strive hard to get your money. Even if your decisions are firm, some works may get delayed due lack of concentration. Dual thoughts, oscillation of mind and confusion prevail the whole day.  
UTHIRATAATHI: Don’t worry, week days would be best to perform and finish tasks.  Siblings would create havoc in family today. Drive carefully. Your planned pilgrimage would get delayed due to family situations.  
REVATHI: All things would be favourable without any hurdles. Some may incur a lot of expenditure on family and vehicle. Your strong and wise decision would ease the day considerably.

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