Your daily predictions July 7, 2016

A daily forecast by astrological researcher G. Swaminatha Sharma, founder of the blog
Your daily predictions July 7, 2016


Date: Thursday, July 7, 2016 
Yogam: Vajram 
Tamil year: Dhurmuki 
Karanam: Karisai  
Month & day: Aani-23 
Rahukalam: 1.30 pm to 3 pm 
Yamakantam: 6 am to 7.30 am 
Natchatram: Aayilyam  
Sunrise: 5.51 am 
Thithi: Thirithiyai 
Sunset: 6.36 pm
ASWINI: Those in quest of a matrimonial alliance may get some good proposals. Your mother’s help is timely. A day full of happiness.  There is good news on the job front.  
BARANI: Take the family out on a day trip. Marital relations are harmonious. Government help is foreseen.  Whatever you hope to achieve will be fulfilled today.  
KARTHIGAI: Your family appreciates your plan to build your savings.  Speculation should be avoided.  A day of mixed results. Siblings may disagree over petty issues. 
ROHINI: All can expect a good day without any disturbance in the daily schedules.  Beware when driving. The help you extend another will go a long way.  
MIRUGASEERSHAM: Property disputes from the spouse’s side may be a source of some concern. Parents will be ever helpful. Others’ support helps you overcome confusion in many matters.  
THIRUVATHIRAI: Think things through and act accordingly to attain your target. Don’t indulge in any loose talk.  You may face some dilemmas and postpone taking a stand.  
PUNARPOOSAM: Talk less, work more. Don’t make any hard-and-fast investment decisions today.  You may react to a provocation: see things as they are. Don’t overreact.  
POOSAM: It’s a day full of good ideas and their implementation: you will be lauded for this. A friend stands to gain from an idea you proposed. 
AAYILYAM: Family members may be a little contrary, with misunderstandings occurring. You will act on your intentions and this will fetch you handsome gains.  
MAGAM: You will reap your bad karma at a later stage.  Stay away from troublesome issues.  Do not mediate in an inter-caste relationship.  
POORAM: A friend from the opposite sex may get in touch after a long time. May be they are doing so as they have a problem. Your guidance may come in helpful.   
UTHTHIRAM: A day that brings in good profits on all fronts. Keep track of all unwanted expenditure; shore up your savings for a rainy day.  
HASTHAM: Grab opportunities coming your way; don’t blame the situation nor should you get tense. The day’s routine may change and you should be able to adapt gamely.  
CHITHIRAI: Don’t be reckless in your decisions; think calmly; use an opportunity to do good all round. You may make an enemy today. You may lose an opportunity due to a slowly taken decision.  
SWATHI: Parents’ health may cause you some tension. Tap your network to locate the best doctor.  News from long distance will help you today.  
VISAGAM:  Keep away from new friends making an entry in your life and keep an eye on their activities, interests.  Associating with them could spoil your image. Drive carefully. 
ANUSHAM: Your love of family is most appreciated.  All your expenses will be met with no trouble at all.  Your savings will come in handy.  
KETTAI: You are appreciated for your well thought out decisions.  Everything you start will fetch a good response and get done without any hindrance.  
MOOLAM: A business deal will work out and success is assured.  A friend of yours spends time with you and helps you find a good path for your future development.  
POORADAM: Family bonding is good today. Try to make the best of it and plan your moves for a better life ahead.  You may move to a foreign country: you can expect good news on this front.  
UTHRADAM: Those longing for progeny will have their desire fulfilled.  Some major changes are likely in pending property issues.    
THIRUVONAM: Avoid long distance travel today.  Don’t eat sweets: if the sugar level shoots up, you may have to be prepared for ailments of all kinds. 
AVITTAM: A chance of meeting with an accident is foreseen.  Utmost care should be taken on all your movements today.  Don’t lose concentration at any point.
SATHAYAM:  Appreciate the family’s help in the timely settlement of some bothersome issues.  Kids may enjoy an outing. Your partner will help you out in settling disputes amicably.  
PURATAATHI: Your spouse has the capacity to deal with all issues tactfully. Let ideas from newcomers take a backseat for now.  Wait for your luck to turn: it will. 
UTHIRATAATHI:  People may spread rumours about you: devise a sensible approach to handling this.  Your expenses will be under control and you can see good changes in your savings and investments.   
REVATHI: Those who do not contribute to your betterment should not be retained. Work hard to implement your ideas. Your next move in the business will be appreciated.

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