Are you Mango and Maggi lover? Presenting you 'ManGi'!

Check out this epic crossover of your 3 am craving, Maggi noodles, and India's favourite summer delight, mangoes.
Are you Mango and Maggi lover? Presenting you 'ManGi'!
The 'ManGi' dish.Instagram screengrab - @thegreatindianfoodie

CHENNAI: In a crossover like never before, a new dish with the fusion of Mango and Maggi noodles has the internet in awe.

In an Instagram video, a woman is shown pouring ghee and tossing four pieces of Maggi noodles on a tawa, and she lavishly pours mango juice on it instead of water to boil the noodles.

Once the noodles got boiled to a soupy consistency, the proverbial cherry gets replaced by mangoes becoming "mangoes on top" as she cuts pieces of mangoes as a topping.

The video has so far garnered 5,417 likes.

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