Zomato agent delivers in scorching heat, netizens raise funds to buy him bike

A Zomato delivery agent was spotted making deliveries on a bicycle in scorching summer heat with temperature around 42 °C. In a sweet gesture, Twitter users stepped up to raise funds and bought him a bike in just 24 hours.
Zomato agent delivers in scorching heat, netizens raise funds to buy him bike
Source: Twitter

Social media has the power to change the lives. Sometimes, a single post by an unknown person can make a huge difference for another person who tries to make their day with barely minimum resources.

Ordering food online has become one of the most convenient activity with multiple cuisine options just a few clicks away.

Aditya Sharma, an 18-year-old, took to the micro-blogging platform one such order delivered by a Zomato agent, Durga Meena, who delivered food on time. But to his surprise, the delivery agent was delivering on his bicycle in scorching summer heat in Rajasthan with temperature being around 42 °C.

On speaking with the agent, Sharma got to know Durga Meena, started working as a delivery executive due to financial problems.He earns Rs 10,000 a month but he has also been teaching for the past 12 years. He has a bachelor's degree in BCom and wants to pursue his post-graduation. To make ends meet, he started working for Zomato.

Meena who was trying to save up money for a bike asked for Twitter user Sharma's help to make the down payment of Rs. 75 thousand for the same.

Sharma then appealed to fellow Twitter users to step up and contribute to the good cause.

The response from netizens was overwhelming. The money for the bike was raised in just 24 hours. Twitter users managed to raise not just the amount for the down payment, but a much higher figure of Rs 1.4 lakh.

Sharma added a tweet, saying that Meena finally got his bike and thanked users for supporting and crowdfunding the money.

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