Karnataka: Mangaluru woman feeds 800 stray dogs daily
Rajni Shetty with her dogs at her house in Mangaluru (Image Courtesy: ANI)

Karnataka: Mangaluru woman feeds 800 stray dogs daily

Animal lover Rajni Shetty and her husband has devoted their life to stray animals, mostly feeding, giving shelter and treating them in their Mangaluru house.
"We feed 800 stray dogs every day and look after dozens of dogs, cats, rabbits, birds in our house. We are also providing treatment to the injured animals", said Rajni Shetty.
Rajni's bond with animals started 15 years ago with feeding stray dogs and at present, she mothers 800 dogs with public support. "I bring helpless animals to my house for treatment. We go to feed dogs after 8 pm every day so that none of them faces any problem due to vehicles. My husband, family and the public support me", said Rajni.
She also rescues injured and abandoned dogs. "I cook more than 60 kgs of chicken-rice daily for 800 dogs, added Rajni Shetty.

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