As you like it: Try out these four paint-décor styles for a makeover

Try out these four electric, earthy, bold and other alluring tones
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CHENNAI: You must be tired of seeing the same plain walls and boring furniture all day and night. This is your sign to give your humble abode a makeover and try out these bold combinations of paint paired with a contrasting piece de resistance that will amplify the overall design. Try out these four electric, earthy, bold and other alluring tones

Champlain and sage green:

Champlain is a neutral colour which goes well with almost every other colour. It also goes well with bold colours like- black, dark brown, and dark blue. To complement the neutral tone of the colour, having elements of sage green in the design will retain the earthy tones. This combination works well with bohemian and shabby chic interior design styles. You can use sage green for the ceiling and add champlain wall panelling to neutralise the colour. For a library set up, you can choose to go for a sofa like Albright Sofa by Apt2B, with a sandstone-coloured ottoman like Printed Jute Louise Storage by Anthroliving and a bookshelf made from light wood and some plants.

Orange and white:

Shades of orange, as loud and bright as they are, are very versatile and go with almost every colour; so does white. This combination not only brings in more light to the interiors but also makes the place lively with colour. For a kitchen set-up, going with soft wooden cabinets and an island kitchen setup is recommended for a Scandinavian interior style. Rich, orange mica sheets can be used to replicate the same effect.

Hot pink and sapphire blue:

Hot pink is a chic colour and is both loud and bold. While neutral colours like white, bisque, beige, and taupe will wash down the hot pink, sapphire blue, another loud colour, will challenge the tone. This unlikely combination is very bohemian and will be a good living room setup. Items like Ainsley Sectional Bumper and Hughes Bench by Joybird will be suitable for your design.

Aegean blue and grey:

Aegean blue and grey are both bold colours and can be pulled off with the right paint and décor. For a living room set-up, soft blue can be texture painted on Aegean blue. Light wood flooring with Aegean blue lower wall panelling will offer some breathing space for the tones.

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