Portuguese artist exhibits oil paintings on 'happiness'

An online exhibition of paintings in oil by Portuguese artist Ana Romero, titled 'Eudaimonia', which is a Greek concept for happiness or blessedness, is on view on the website of India International Centre till April 25.
Portuguese artist exhibits oil paintings on 'happiness'
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New Delhi

Co-organised by the Portuguese Embassy Cultural Centre, the solo show titled 'Eudaimonia' exhibits works by the 1971-born Romero who has exhibited across European cities.
"Every man has a vocation, an inclination, his demon, his personal genius. Eudaimonia -- happiness for the Greeks -- or the good performance of their demon, is achieved by doing what they are called or evoked for.
"The liberation of our demons, whatever they may be, results largely from what we are: from the fusion between cinema and life, or from Art and life, from music and literature, and also from the contamination of the very small things that daily they bring us "Eudaimonia" and drive away our demons," writes Romero.
The artist adds: "This permanent and unattainable construction of our happiness is strongly contributed by artists, consecrated or not, who influence us and keep us devotedly in love with this wonderful 'thing' which is the creation of images; in a world saturated with them, the ability that some have to attract us is undoubtedly something of extreme beauty; even when they represent the lack of it."

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