Diversity and inclusivity in fashion

'Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla' as a brand has evolved to a luxury lifestyle house with everything from jewellery to interior decoration, weddings, etc.
Diversity and inclusivity in fashion
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What makes a collection very special? Mumbai based designer duo Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla feel that's fashion is all about inclusivity and diversity. Their latest presentation at the 15th milestone edition of the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour in the Capital was all about tradition, indegenous fabrics and creativity.
IANSlife caught up with the designers after the show to get a sense of everything.
Q: Why do you think Delhi is an important market for  for everyone?
Abu-Sandeep: Delhi is an important market for everybody in the world. The market has got diversity.  Delhi is not essentially for "Delhi". It has got people from Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and most importantly, people from all over India come here to shop. So, in a way Delhi is the capital for the sellers** Q: 'Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla' as a brand has evolved to a luxury lifestyle house with everything from jewellery to interior decoration, weddings, etc. What's the next phase of expansion?
Abu-Sandeep: We are possibly looking at makeup and perfume segments. Keep watching this space!
Q: Can you please share some details about the "My Blend, My Pride" theme of your collection?
Abu-Sandeep: The collection is very special to both of us. It is about blending in, diversity and inclusivity. Apart from the cast we had for the show, we had a diverse ensemble. We got transgenders, somebody from the Navy, an international hockey player, we have brought some of our older favourite models back on the ramp, we have a blogger from the North Eastern state of Tripura and he walked the ramp for us. It was really, really special. We have brought people from all walks of life.
We got running "India" as a main theme. And then have incorporated blending of fabrics (from different regions of the country), whether it is a Bandhi, or Ajrakh with each other to create some "very special" pieces.
Q: The "IT" word in fashion nowadays is 'Eco-Fashion' and 'Sustainability'. What are your thoughts on this, and how does your brand incorporate it?
Abu-Sandeep: Every brand will follow it (adoption of eco-friendly and sustainable ethos) sooner than later. So, we are trying our level best to get to that with few of our brands. But we are basically hand-made, we are working with natural fabrics, keeping the tradition going on while working with the specialists. Sustainability is a wide space now. We will get there, assuming the world is getting there.
We do not want to misuse the term and call it attainable, while it is not. So, we are getting there.
Q: Lastly, is it "maximalism over minimalism" or vice versa?
Abu-Sandeep: Maximalism surely. We are always about maximalism.
Q: Can you please tell us about your association with Blenders Pride Fashion Tour
Abu-Sandeep: Fifteen years ago we were a part of the first Blenders Pride Fashion Show, and fifteen years later we are part of it. It took us fifteen years to come back to it again.

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