Beauty Mantra: Simple tips to glam up this festive season

Based on the most popular beauty trends of the year, we bring to you a list of the best ways to dress up for the upcoming festivals and wedding season.
Beauty Mantra: Simple tips to glam up this festive season


Here are some great tips you can follow:
Braided low bun: Pull together all your hair at the back of your head and beginning from the end of your crown, start Dutch braiding your hair. Follow this until you reach the lower part of the hair then wrap the remaining length around the hair tie until all the hair has been used up. This hairstyle will look wonderful with traditional wear as well as gowns.
Waterfall twist: This hairstyle is friendly with all types of hair and can be done effortlessly. You only need some pins and you’re good to go. The waterfall twist is not only easy but it gives a well-finished and stunning look as well. You can work this hairstyle on both curly as well as straight hair and it looks incredible with a sari, lehenga or a salwar kameez.
Dutch pigtail braids: Boxer braids aka ‘Dutch Pigtail Braids’ are the newest hairstyle trend that you can play with this festive season. As the air gets more festive, this definitely rounds up as the exclusive yet volume hairstyle. This is a pretty manageable to ace and looks awesome with any hair length, type, and colour.
Ever-lasting lip colour: Cover your lips with a layer of tissue paper after applying lipstick. Lightly sprinkle a little powder on your lips, tap the excess off and gently press on to the lips to ensure your lip colour is sealed for the day... or night.
Revive dry mascara: Mix 2-3 drops of contact lens solutions in your dried-up mascara bottle, shake a little, swirl the wand into the bottle, apply and you are all set to kill with those thick, long lashes. Another trick to get dramatic lashes without using false extensions can be achieved by applying one coat of mascara; leave it for a few seconds to dry. Now lightly dab your lashes with some baby powder and curl them with a lash curler. Apply one more coat of mascara for the perfect finish.
Set your makeup: The key to long-lasting makeup is the most commonly skipped step — a setting spray. DIY by mix aloe vera gel in water and add a few drops of an aromatic oil (jasmine, lavender, rose). Put this mix in a spray bottle and it is ready to use.

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