Nicklas von Bueren and Rolf von Bueren.
Nicklas von Bueren and Rolf von Bueren.

Chennai gallery collaborates with connoisseurs of art for exhibition

In conversation with DT Next, Rolf von Bueren, founder of Lotus Arts de Vivre talks about the event, inspiration for the designs, production and lots more.

CHENNAI: Apparao Galleries is collaborating with Heeramaneck & Sons for ‘Tales of Asia’, an exhibition featuring a variety of luxury home décor, art pieces, and gifting range, by Lotus Arts de Vivre at Apparao Galleries, Nungambakkam.

In conversation with DT Next, Rolf von Bueren, founder of Lotus Arts de Vivre talks about the event, inspiration for the designs, production and lots more.

How was Lotus Arts de Vivre established?

Lotus Arts de Vivre was born from the passion of my wife, Helen von Bueren, in Bangkok, as a hobby venture when our sons left home to study abroad. Over time, it has grown into a renowned international brand known for its one-of-a-kind creations of rare and exquisite beauty. These can be found in our boutiques located in some of the world’s luxurious hotels and famous jewellery stores such as Fred Leighton and Bergdorf Goodman. The brand’s success has been achieved mainly through word of mouth; now we have a website for easy access. Early patrons of Lotus Arts de Vivre were eager to share their admiration for the brand’s unique designs, materials, and superior craftsmanship.

How and why did your interest in Asian culture begin?

India holds a very special place in our hearts especially at Lotus because of the wonderful memories we have shared here with some of the most amazing people and we truly admire the support and hospitality that India offers us. India possesses an opulent diversity of culture and unparalleled craftsmanship. My initial journeys through India were like a canvas, painted with a spectrum of hues, cultural diversity, and grandeur. I was immediately struck by a sense of inspiration, and ever since, we have been in pursuit of unique and rare materials from India. We are enamoured by the humility of India and we feel privileged to explore the opportunities that it has to offer.

How did the collaboration with Apparao Galleries happen?

Ms Apparao and I met in Delhi. We are like-minded individuals and wanted to collaborate to exhibit our appreciation for the finer things in life. Through her, Lotus has the opportunity to delve into the city of Chennai. My interactions with the gracious and insightful individuals in Chennai have been nothing short of delightful, and culinary delights.

What will ‘Tales of Asia’ display and why is it called ‘Tales of Asia’?

At our exclusive showcase, we have curated a collection of home decor, jewellery, handbags, and lots more. Our Chennai clientele will have the opportunity to view the stunning golden lotus leaf, the intricate shell gravy bowl, the sophisticated swan shell bowl, the beloved wooden happy monk sculpture, the lavish baroque walking sticks, and the striking ebony wood peacock sculpture.

Why did you decide to put an exhibition together?

As connoisseurs of art, we have observed a diminishing appreciation for the rarity and singularity of art. To preserve our legacy of craftsmanship and artistry, we showcase our collection through indulgent exhibitions that immerse us in the rich history of art. These experiences also provide us with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and discover rare treasures to elevate into masterpieces created by Lotus Arts de Vivre.

How do you come up with unique designs every time while ensuring they are in sync with your design style?

Our pursuit of excellence in design takes us on a journey around the globe. The ultimate aim is to craft treasures that individuals will cherish. We tap into the innate human desire for exclusivity and rarity in our creations. Our designs are a harmonious blend of cultural richness and contemporary elegance. We also keep the needs and preferences of the modern, youthful demographic in mind, ensuring our pieces are intuitive and user-friendly.

What can people who visit the exhibition expect?

Through our exhibition, people can expect to get a glimpse into the intricate and nuanced details of the art. Our exhibition aims to elevate the art and craftsmanship and showcase our collection, ‘Tales of Asia’, to the people of Chennai. We have invested significant time and effort in the design and curation of every piece, and we hope that a select group of individuals will appreciate and treasure our unique style and work.

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