Restaurants ‘four’ your Sahar

Take a break and treat yourself from the list of restaurants we picked out in the city, which are affordable, appetising and to top the list, open till 4 am. This is our Eidi to you.
Restaurants ‘four’ your Sahar
Chettas’s Buttermilk, Thousand Lights (Right)


Shaack Restaurant, Anna Nagar

This restaurant, which seems to be hidden away in the first floor of a complex, has been satisfying the taste buds of several night owls in Anna Nagar. Shaack offers a global menu, serving South Indian, Pan-Asian and Italian cuisine. The restaurant opens at 12 pm and closes at 4 am. The chilli basil fried rice priced at Rs. 263 is a must try. The texture of the rice is perfect with a melange of flavours which will definitely satiate your palate. The restaurant’s pho soup, a Vietnamese dish which consists of rice noodles, meat, and herbs, will definitely soothe your stomach and provide you with all the nutrients to optimise your energy through your fast.

Location: Anna Nagar, East

Timings: 12 pm – 4 am

Must try: Chilli Basil Fried Rice

KGN Aarifa Biryani, Pulianthope

If you walk down the streets of VOC Nagar, Pulianthope the long line and aroma of biryani will certainly pique your curiosity and force you to walk into KGN Aarifa Biryani. This biryani shop which opens at 4 am and closes at 10 pm, serves biryani, tandoor items, noodles, and meat starters like chicken 65, chilly beef and so on. To get your hands on their best-seller beef biryani (Priced at Rs.100 only between 3 am to 6 am), it is advisable to reach the spot a little earlier. Since the seating capacity of the restaurant is not up to the mark you will have to make up your mind to either stand and eat or eat outside.

Location: VOC Nagar, Pulianthope

Timings: 4 am – 10 pm

Must try: Beef Biryani

Moonlight , T Nagar

Moonlight, a cosy eatery in T Nagar, serves Indian, Tandoor, Chinese and Continental cuisine. The ambience is pretty decent with an ample space to dine-in. The restaurant starts as early as 11 am and closes only at 5 am. The must try dishes of this restaurant are chicken fried rice priced at Rs. 130 and fish tikka priced at Rs. 210. If you go as a group, and the seating does not work for you, you can always opt for a take-away. The restaurant’s pocket-friendly 1kg biryani range starting from 1050 is affordable and filling.

Location: T Nagar

Timings: 11 am – 4 am

Must try: Chicken fried rice and fish tikka

Chetta Buttermilk, Thousand Lights

Chetta’s chilled buttermilk topped with crumbs of spicy boondhi and tangy raw mango priced at Rs. 30 is the only elixir you need to beat the heat.

Location: Thousand Lights

Timings: 6 pm – 4 am

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