Extension of Tambaram Flyover to ease traffic woes

Water scarcity, bad roads and lack of streetlights are priority, says Tambaram Mayor K Vasanthakumari
Extension of Tambaram Flyover to ease traffic woes
Tambaram Mayor K Vasanthakumari

Tambaram mayor K Vasanthakumari speaks to to DT Next and gives a peek into her plans to make the neighbourhood a flood-free locality

Flooding is one of the issues Tambaram residents face during the monsoon. What are your plans to prevent flooding?

The Tambaram corporation is planning to clean all the lakes in Tambaram filled with aquatic plants like Pistia stratiotes. In Vaniyamkulam, stormwater drainage is not spaced at every 100 metres and that’s the reason water enters residential areas. We’re planning to construct stormwater drains soon in several areas. A few days ago, we had a conference with the Mayors and Deputy Mayors of Chennai and Avadi flood control in the city. I can assure you that this year Tambaram will not be affected by the flood.

The underground drainage project planned in Tambaram nearly 25 years ago is still pending. Will you take steps to finish it?

Yes, the project was stopped due to some issues with the contract. Now we’re planning to start the project from scratch. The tender will be floated soon. The entire Tambaram corporation area will be covered for underground drainage project. Since it has been more than 20 years, we’re planning to replace the pipeline laid by the old contractor. The work would begin when funds get allocated. We’re getting financial support from the state; so, there is no problem in funding.

Traffic is one of the biggest issues faced by Tambaram residents. What are your plans to control it?

We’re planning to and discussing about extending the Tambaram Flyover. Soon, it’d be executed. I met with the traffic police, and it was decided to serve notice to all shopownerss that have encroached the service-road choking traffic. We cannot ask shopkeepers to vacate immediately, but soon within a few days, most shops on service road will be removed and after that traffic flow will be better.

The Tambaram Corporation has nine AIADMK councillors out of 70. Will the party be given the opposition power in the council?

As of now, there are no plans to give opposition power to AIADMK, but all 70 councillors are same for me. Everyone stood in the elections and were selected by the people of Tambaram. Even AIADMK councillors had visited me to make some developments in their wards and I did the best I could. The post of opposition floor leader looks remote.

What are your plans for Tambaram for the next five years?

Tambaram is one of the most important places after the GCC but still, people of Tambaram are not getting basic amenities properly. In most areas, people are suffering from water scarcity, bad roads, lack of streetlights and drainage system. These issues will be given priority. In these five years, I want to make sure every area in Tambaram is developed equally.

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