Podcast series to focus on inclusivity in arts, understanding economy

Madras Medai was launched in 2018 as a Tamil music festival that celebrates equality through music.
Podcast series to focus on inclusivity in arts, understanding economy
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Now, the British Council is supporting them to create The Madras Medai Podcast series that will be launched on July 30. The podcast will bring together renowned music professionals and artists from Chennai and the UK to get together on key issues such as inclusivity in arts, understanding the economy, monetisation in music and more. Music producer Tenma, who is part of the podcast series, says, “The podcast will focus on the various aspects of indie music and its ecosystem. The one thing that we have learned through this pandemic is that borders are irrelevant as far as collaborations are considered. This exchange of conversation between the artists and industry experts from the UK and in India can help us take baby steps in being part of a larger scene than just working within geographic comfort. The team at Madras Medai has always empowered individuals and companies and this podcast helps us reach a larger audience. This podcast will help open up the mind of the artists to think of their own creative and entrepreneurial exploration in the industry.”
Jonathan Kennedy, Director Arts India, British Council, says that with the podcast series, the aim is to enable knowledge exchange between renowned Tamil and UK artists to discuss the current state of the independent music and arts ecosystem in South India, with a deeper focus on the musical landscape of Chennai. “While the six episodes of the podcast series will cover a wide array of topics, the underlying theme will remain to imagine a future of music that is more diverse yet inclusive,” shares Jonathan.

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