Chengalpattu residents in a never-ending wait for vaccine jab

Residents of Chengalpattu district are worried that they wouldn’t be able to take the vaccination as there are only limited stocks available at the centres. Many residents lamented that they visit camps daily but return without getting inoculated as the number is limited to 100 persons per day.
Chengalpattu residents in a never-ending wait for vaccine jab
Long queue outside a vaccination centre in Chengalpattu


There are 43 vaccination centres in Chengalpattu but all of them have limited stocks. A resident went to a camp and waited since the inoculation starts at 9 am but couldn’t get the jab because of the daily limit.
Residents said that the original Aadhaar card is not accepted in all centres. Staff demands a photocopy of the document to be produced at the time of inoculation even though it is not under the instructions of the health department. Residents said the staff asks for the photocopy to make their job easier.
John, a social activist from Tambaram, said the government should take steps to issue tokens at doorsteps and organise vaccination camps. Vaccination has become a herculean task and this could make people lose interest in getting vaccinated.
The public said that the government should ensure availability and accessibility of vaccine.

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