Tangedco lets self-billing by low-tension consumers

A few days after activists urged Tangedco to accept self-assessment done by the low-tension (LT) consumers in calculating electricity usage, Tangedco has issued orders to engineers to allow self-assessment. Now, the consumers can send the self-assessment through WhatsApp or e-mail.
Tangedco lets self-billing by low-tension consumers


In an order dated May 20, the previous month’s billing can be deleted and entry of actual reading madeto resolve the consumers’ representation.
“Superintending engineers are instructed to arrange to accept the self-assessment reading furnished by the LT consumers through WhatsApp photo, SMS, WhatsApp message, letter, email to the section officer (AE or JE) in form of text or photo. Mobile numbers of the section officers are available on Tangedco’s website,” the order said.
Based on the self-assessment reading furnished by LT consumers, the previous month’s billing would be deleted and a new bill for May 2021 would be raised and sent back.
“The LT consumers may be advised to make use of internet banking, mobile banking, payment gateway, Bharath Bill Pay System and others for the payment of current consumption charges and other arrears as a precautionary measure,” the order said.
During the last year’s lockdown, the Tangedco adopted the previous bi-monthly billing but it became a major issue when the actual reading was taken in the subsequent summer period, resulting in huge bills.

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