Leading primatologist Jane Goodall to address animal rights conference

The Blue Cross of India will host Asia for Animals Conference 2021 along with the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations from April 24 to April 25. The event will be organised in virtual reality so that participants can take part in a more immersive manner and will be open to more audiences.
Leading primatologist Jane Goodall to address animal rights conference
Jane Goodall


The Asia for Animals Coalition consists of 22 organisations across Asia working with both governments and specific facilities opposing animal cruelty. It is a biennial event that is held to bring together animal rights activists and organisations across the continent. 
This is the second time since 2007 Blue Cross is hosting the event, and the first time the event is held in virtual reality. Dr Jane Goodall, the pioneer of chimpanzee behaviour study since 1960, will be the key note speaker and there will be more than 10 other speakers. 
“This is a great opportunity for animal activists in the city to meet with other activists and share their experiences and plan on collaborating together in the future,” said Dr Chinny Krishna, co-founder of the Blue Cross. “There are several issues surrounding protection of animals in Asia, and a rising awareness on companionship animal, especially over the pandemic. The discussions will tackle a lot of these concerns,” he said. 
To provide registered users the best virtual experience, Chennai-based event management company Eventures spent six months developing the Eventures Digital Virtual Programme to recreate a conference hall in VR. According to Sathya Radhakrishnan, board member and honorary joint secretary of Blue Cross, “All of the lectures, discussions, and seminars will be archived for the participants to view even if they cannot attend the event. We hope that everyone can participate and learn from each other at this conference.” 
Those interested can register at www.asiaforanimals.com.

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