Residents urge officials to save Velachery lake

Residents of Velachery are peeved over a water body in the area being bogged by encroachments. They are also upset with sewage and garbage being dumped in the lake making the water unsuitable for use despite the water shortage.
Residents urge officials to save Velachery lake
A major portion of the lake has been encroached upon


Residents claimed that they would use water from the 265-acre lake till a few years ago. Now, most of the lake has been encroached by the construction of shops, residential buildings and a wedding hall, some of it is owned by a few politicians. Remaining water of the lake is mixed with sewage and garbage, polluting it and letting off a stench.
Tansi Nagar Residents’ Welfare Association’s general secretary, M Balakrishnan, said, “There is no point in the Corporation cleaning the lake every two or three months; because once it is cleaned it will be polluted by the residents and shops near the lake. We are also clueless as to who has given permission for construction of the buildings near the lake.”
“Even during the flood in 2015, only sewage water entered our house and not lake water. It is extremely difficult for us to stay here during rainy season. Only when these encroachments are removed, will the lake be cleaned,” Balakrishnan. “Also, people who live near the lake are all tenants so we do not have sufficient support from fellow residents as they are afraid that they will face the wrath of politicians who own the property here,” he added.
An assistant engineer from the Velachery Division said, “We have been carrying out cleaning activities in the lake often so that people can use the water. We have to figure out ways of removing the encroachments because it is a huge project. there are a lot of procedures involved for and it is bound to take some time.”

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