Couple demonstrates how simple lifestyle choices can contribute to happiness

If you are one of those who are unhappy the way things are proceeding in our country, or aren’t happy with jobs and lifestyles, then the story of the couple Dev and Hema Jain could inspire you.
Couple demonstrates how simple lifestyle choices can contribute to happiness
Hema and Dev Jain


The duo will be holding an interactive session on June 29 at reStore, Kottivakkam, where they talk about their journey of responding to the alarming crisis of climate change, and a world in dire need of a return to a simpler life.

Like any other Indian, the duo moved to the US during the IT boom in the 90s. “Over a period of time, we were not comfortable with the things that we found out. One of the key things that triggered a lot of thinking is global warming and how climate change is transforming our lives. We noticed the devastating impact of the lack of global food security. We decided to move to Chennai from California and bought a farmland near Tiruttani where we started organic farming. We also practise homeschooling and natural home building,” says Dev Jain.

Through the upcoming conversation series, titled Roads Untravelled, the couple is hoping to inspire urbanites to follow a healthy lifestyle.

“Many people in the city wanted to move away from the mainstream and explore such lifestyles. Our story might be helpful for them to initiate their own journeys.This is the first in our series of interactions with folks who have sought out a path for themselves, listening to their hearts rather than travel the well-defined roads of the dominant paradigm of the times,” shares Dev.

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