No Filter: This hairstylist is dressing tresses the ‘desi’ way on a global runway

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No Filter: This hairstylist is dressing tresses the ‘desi’ way on a global runway
Bony (in black) at the award show in Beijing; (R) Osman Abdul Razak


When one of our own represents the city, we get very excited. But it’s a matter of pride when a fellow Chennaite represents India in an international forum. Bony Sasidharan, a veteran in the hairstyling and colouring industry — and the man who introduced me to hair colouring almost a decade ago — was at the Shaping Authentic Beauty Congress, Asia’s biggest hairdressing awards held in Beijing.
After 14 years of hard work, his dream of standing on a global platform came true and we couldn’t be happier for him. As the diversity ambassador from India (boy, was it high time we had one!) Bony presented a trend inspired by Indian history and its connection with bronze, metals and alloys, which was received very well.

Growing up, he always dreamt of being on the global stage and showing the world that there is more to India than oiled braided hair and jasmine flowers, which is beautiful in its own way, but to break that limiting trope. This is the first time a person from the country presented an ethnic look on a global platform that defined modern India and how its citizens are redefining styling hair, thanks to experts like Bony who are leading the way.
A trunk show that will feature vintage eyewear
Speaking of men shaping the way people style themselves, connoisseurs of fashion and finesse like Osman Abdul Razak are all set to make the city #DapperDa. He is hosting a trunk show with Karan Bangera of The Gentlemen’s Community (TGC), where Osman’s love for all things vintage will meet the latter’s taste in antique eyewear that has been sourced from in Italy, Germany and Japan. Some of these pieces are even handmade and can be customised. Moreover, if TGC eyewear is good enough for the likes of DJ Khaled I’m sure we’ll feel like Rihanna is singing to us if we wear a pair!
Osman has always prided himself in elevating sartorial experiences for men and has quite the cult following. His previous trunk shows have been quite the hit — the last one featured patina, a technique of colouring shoes for which he collaborated with Bridlen Shoes. Back by popular demand, he is opening these curated events to the public and has many more experiential trunk shows planned.
Not just through events, Osman believes in expressing his identity through layers of fine fabrics, exceptional cuts and craftsmanship. He is Saville Row Academy certified and thus meets the gold standard when it comes to tailoring. He has been transforming the way men in Chennai have been dressing one suit at a time and it’s evident why when you take one look at the handsome man in a fabulous suit with salt and pepper hair.
In fact, many of us women have been trying to convince him to tailor a suit for us but he has his sights firmly set on making the men look good — I am not complaining… okay maybe just a little. His witty and beautiful wife tells me that there is a long list of women who have been making the same demand and we all need to get in line behind her!

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